MIT Mystery Hunt 2013

MIT Mystery Hunt 2013
Running TeamManic Sages
Winning Teamthe full text of Atlas Shrugged
Timeframe and Location
LocationMIT (Cambridge, MA)
Hunt LinkLink
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MIT Mystery Hunt 2013 was the 33rd iteration of the MIT Mystery Hunt. It was run by Manic Sages, the winners of the 2012 Mystery Hunt. The hunt started with a presentation by Enigma Valley Investment & Loan, where teams learned that the running team had mortgaged the coin. The presentation is infiltrated by Alyssa P. Hacker (a reference to a character in a renown MIT computer science textbook and course, Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programming), suggesting that the real objective of the hunt is to pull off a bank heist and steal the coin. In order to pull off the heist, teams needed to recruit six members. Upon recruiting each member (that is, solving the round), teams get an interaction where they get to do a practice version of an obstacle, that gets used again in the final runaround.

The hunt holds the record for being the longest hunt in history, with the coin being found over 75 hours after the hunt started by a team whose name was the full text of Atlas Shrugged.[1]

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List of Rounds[edit | edit source]

Round Title Number of Feeder Puzzles Number of Metapuzzles
Corporate Intranet 6 1
Danny Ocean 17 1
Richard Feynman 25 1
Agent 99 25 4
Indiana Jones 24 4
Marty Bishop 16 4
Erno Rubik 20 7
Events 6 0
Final Runaround 6 0

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Leaderboard[edit | edit source]

Data taken from the image provided in this link. Teams are ranked by number of solves by hunt end, as there was only one finishing team (who also solved the most puzzles)

Rank Team Solves
1 bigjimmy 148
2 palindrome 142
3 death 134
4 luck 132
5 jarthur 131
6 leftout 125
7 Codex Zouche-Nuttall 124
8 IIF 116
9 uplate 96
10 Setec 94
11 waltkidney 76
12 readers 75
13 simhunt 73
14 plant 72
15 cservices 65

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  1. This is despite many measures taken during the hunt in order to reduce its length, by giving teams many free answers and only requiring five out of six metas to be solved.