The Burninators

Logo of The Burninators

The Burninators is a team that primarily participates in live hunts around the San Francisco Bay Area, such as the Bay Area Night Game and DASH. They have hosted five BANG's to date: BANG 7, BANG 14, BANG 21, BANG 28, and BANG 35. Additionally, they have hosted the larger Googol Conglomerate Game, a conference room style game held at the Google campus, as well as The Griffiths Collection, an instance of The Game held in 2005. Traditionally the team has hosted BANG's with numbers divisible by 7. For the MIT Mystery Hunt, The Burninators typically hunts with Left Out.

History[edit | edit source]

The origin of The Burninators comes from the Homestar Runner character Trogdor the Burninator. Founding members of the team include Corin Anderson, Wei-Hwa Huang, and Doug Zongker. Later they were joined by Dan Egnor, Trisha Lantznester, and Melinda Owens. Additionally, Nick Baxter, Ian Tullis, and Greg Rae sometimes hunt with The Burninators.[1]

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