Wiki:Page Structure/Element Types

The introductory section of the page should include the name of the element type as it appears in the title, and some basic information about it, particularly:

  • What constitutes that element (in short)
  • Why it's its own category

The opening section should not be more than one or two short paragraphs.

Core Characteristics[edit | edit source]

This section should detail what constitutes this particular element type in long-form. Individual requirements should get their own short paragraphs if possible, but can be conglomerated into one larger paragraph if not.

This should also detail any exceptions to the characteristic rules, such as when an element normally classified as one element type may be used as another.

History of Use[edit | edit source]

This section should contain any historical facts or retrospective on the use of the element type overall (particularly for Puzzle Types), and within puzzle hunts specifically, with an emphasis on the latter.

Subtypes[edit | edit source]

Element subtypes that should be listed in this section will be the ones seen as categories on the element type's sidebar. For the example sidebar used on this page, it would be five headings (Sub-Heading 1), named Basic Elements, Hunt Interface, Submissions and Answers, Themes, and Unlock Structure, or something sufficiently close. Use identical headings to the sidebar when possible.

Subtype Descriptions[edit | edit source]

A brief description of the subtype (and why it's notable enough to be separated from others) should be written. The blurb should be one to two paragraphs in length at most, but may also include a bulleted list of that subtype's elements, if there aren't too many.

Subtype Page Links[edit | edit source]

Sometimes a subtype warrants its own page. In that case, it should be linked within the first sentence rather than in the subheading itself. If such a page exists, listing that subtype's elements should be saved for that page rather than including it under the subheading.

Sidebars[edit | edit source]

Two sidebars should be present on every top-level element type page: the general Element Sidebar and the appropriate sidebar for that page's element type. The Word Puzzle page should use the Word Puzzle Sidebar, etc. The general sidebar should be placed first on the page.