2nd Bravo Awards

The 2nd Bravo Awards, commonly called Bravo 2023 are a Twitch-based award ceremony. They are intended to celebrate all things puzzlehunt related in 2022. The awards were hosted by Justin Ladia in March-April 2023.

All puzzles, hunts and creations released between MIT Mystery Hunt 2022 (inclusive) and before MIT Mystery Hunt 2023 were eligible for submission.

The nominations were revealed in a Twitch ceremony on 14 March 2023, with an open-to-all voting process for the finalists. The winners were announced in a Twitch ceremony on 2 April 2023.

Nomination Process[edit | edit source]

Anyone could nominate to the Bravo Awards in a given category. Roughly 5 entries in every category were nominated, with ties not broken. All entries tied for 5th were all nominated, or all not-nominated, depending on number of other entries in top 5.

Awards[edit | edit source]

Winners in each category are listed first and highlighted with boldface text. Remaining nominees are given in alphabetical order.

Hunt of the Year

For the best all-around puzzle hunt of 2022

Short Hunt of the Year

For the best puzzle hunt designed to be solved by medium-power teams within the first 24 hours.

Best Direction

For a hunt with great care towards difficulty, pacing and unlocks, which created something greater than the sum of its parts.

Best Overall Presentation

Formerly known as "Best Presentation". For the hunt with the OVERALL best presentation, whether that is in visual design, storytelling, or web slickness.

Best Narrative

For the hunt with the best storytelling or narrative.

Best Visual Design

For the hunt that is stylistically and aesthetically the most pleasing.

Most Innovative Structure

For the hunt or round with an innovative and well-executed structure.

Best Meta Puzzle

For the best all-around metapuzzle of 2022.

Best Meta Pun

For the cleverest or funniest punny answer for a meta in 2022.

Best Feeder Puzzle

For the best all-around feeder puzzle of 2022.

Best Introductory Puzzle

For an exceptional puzzle that is approachable and fun for beginner solvers.

Best Word Puzzle

For the puzzle that made best use of wordplay in 2022.

Best Logic Puzzle

For the puzzle that best made use of logic in 2022.

Best Interactive Puzzle

For the puzzle that best made use of interactive elements in 2022.

Most Elegant Puzzle

For the most elegant puzzle of 2022.

Best Twist on a Classic Style

For the puzzle that best took a classic puzzle style and made it into something even better.

Nuovo Award for Puzzling Innovation

For the puzzle or mechanic which pushed the boundaries of what we thought of as possible in a Puzzle Hunt in 2022.

Best Puzzle Art

For the puzzle that has the best visual presentation or art.

Funniest Puzzle

For the puzzle which told a great joke or made you laugh.

Best Non-Puzzle Contribution to the Community

For the websites, tools, and cool/useful things people did for the puzzle hunt community, which weren't puzzles (or at least, aren't just puzzles).

Best Puzzle-Based Media

For the best podcast, blog, YouTube channel, Twitch channel, or other puzzle-related media from 2022.

Lifetime Achievement Award

For the author, constructor, or producer that deserves recognition for their contributions to puzzling, puzzle hunts, and/or the greater puzzling community.

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