Divide and Conquer (Galactic Puzzle Hunt 2020)

Divide and Conquer
Galactic Puzzle Hunt 2020
Author(s)Lewis Chen and Anderson Wang
AnswerClick to revealBOROUGHS
No. solves122
No. total guesses737

Divide and Conquer is a logic puzzle from the Periscope round of Galactic Puzzle Hunt 2020. It is formatted like a series of puzz.link puzzles, without rules given.

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]

Region Division - While none of the familiar genres are exactly replicated, they share one commonality in that all puzzles require solvers to divide the grid into regions.

Black Box - This puzzle is a black box, in that solvers input possible solutions and receive only the locations of where rules are violated. It is up to the solvers to determine the rules.

While none of the genres are exactly replicated, there are some inspirations for some of the rules.


Aqre - One of the rules involves not having four in a row in the same region, best found in Aqre.

Shikaku - One of the rules requires regions to be rectangles.

Fillomino - One of the rules makes clues count the area of the region.

Slitherlink - One of the rules makes clues count the number of edges used.

Corral - One of the rules makes clues count the number of squares "seen" in the region.


Image Extraction - Needed both to extract the subpuzzles as well as the final answer.

Polybius Square - Needed as part of the extraction for the final answer, and to assist in solving the final puzzle.