Puzzle Writing Resources

This is a list of resources specific to writing hunt puzzles and running hunts. Community Resources gives a list of community resources, while Puzzle Solving Resources gives resources tailored for solving puzzles; many of these resources are helpful when constructing puzzles as well. (for instance, if you want to find words that fit a certain pattern when filling out a grid)

Wisdom and Guidance

Puzzle Event Hosting Wisdom

Puzzle Writing Wisdom

Software and Websites

Standalone Answer Checker

Hunt Writing Workflow Managers

For smaller hunts, a spreadsheet may be sufficient for tracking progress.

Hunt Website Servers


Grid Logic Editors/Players

Crossword Construction Tools

Word lists

These word list resources may be helpful for constructing word puzzles (such as crosswords), as well as defining what words are legal for interactive puzzles and games.

Other Puzzle Construction Tools

  • Puzzle JS, for setting interactive JS based puzzles in HTML.
  • Extraction Finder, for checking whether a target answer can be extracted by indexing into a given list of strings