teammate is a team that participates in the MIT Mystery Hunt, as well as other puzzle hunts in smaller groups. The team was formed in 2015 to do online puzzle hunts by a group of MIT students. Since 2018, teammate formed its own team to do the Mystery Hunt, and has placed in the top 10 each time. In 2022, the team won that year's MIT Mystery Hunt, and consequently will be hosting the Mystery Hunt in 2023. Since 2020, teammate has hosted 2 iterations of the Teammate Hunt annually.

History[edit | edit source]

The original members of teammate often hunted in Australian-style online hunts, as well as a few local walking hunts, having had hunted with each other since 2015. Many of these members were MIT students from the Burton-Conner dorm, which also served as the teammate Mystery Hunt HQ. For MIT Mystery Hunt, most of teammate solved with ✈✈✈ Galactic Trendsetters ✈✈✈ until 2018, eventually splitting to form their own team. The two are currently sister teams, and often have members swap between teams. For the 2018 MIT Mystery Hunt, teammate recruited members from Galactic, incorporating members from PuzzleHunt CMU, Black Fedora Group (centered around Berkeley/Stanford), as well as other non-floorpi members.[1]

For smaller hunts, teammate teams usually include some anagram of TEAM in their name. In 2022, some members of teammate formed their own Mystery Hunt team, Teragram.

Mystery Hunt performances[edit | edit source]

Hunt Year Placement Comments
MIT Mystery Hunt 2022 2022 1st Won the Hunt.
MIT Mystery Hunt 2021 2021 4th -
MIT Mystery Hunt 2020 2020 3rd -
MIT Mystery Hunt 2019 2019 4th -
MIT Mystery Hunt 2018 2018 10th -

Other Hunt performances[edit | edit source]

Date Hunt Rank Notes
2022-08-26 Galactic Puzzle Hunt 2022 2 as exAM TEsters
2022-06-18 Huntinality 2022 4 as internET MAnagers
2022-06-18 Huntinality 2022 5 as We vote for entire messages that people say as team names
2022-06-18 Huntinality 2022 12 as enigMA TEch
2022-04-15 Quantum Online Puzzle Hunt 6 as haha quantum computer go burrrrrr
2022-04-15 Quantum Online Puzzle Hunt 7 as Alexander Hamiltonian
2022-01-14 MIT Mystery Hunt 2022 1
2021-12-18 Puzzle Rojak 2 as i would like to chope a spot near the top of the leaderboard tho
2021-12-04 Silph Puzzle Hunt 2021 2 as Swim Shaymin Team ❄️
2021-12-04 Silph Puzzle Hunt 2021 8 as pockET MAsters Team 🔥
2021-10-01 Teammate Hunt 2021 Host
2021-07-23 Galactic Puzzle Hunt 2020 9 as Nearsighted, Farsighted, Wherever You Aresighted
2021-07-23 Galactic Puzzle Hunt 2020 10 as moderATE Myopia
2021-01-15 MIT Mystery Hunt 2021 4

References[edit | edit source]