Up Late

Up Late is a team that participates in the MIT Mystery Hunt. The team was formed in 2000, with a group of friends from Next House. The team name is a reference to how hunters will stay up late to do puzzles, and while phone callbacks were a thing, allowed the team to respond with "Hi, we're Up Late!".

History[edit | edit source]

Up Late was founded in 2000, formed by rlangmit with friends and dorm residents of Next House. The team size grew slowly, with friends recruiting other friends. Up Late solved its first meta in 2003, and finished the halfway game meta in 2009. In 2012, Up Late absorbed a group of people from Microsoft and the Seattle area who formerly hunted with Silly Hat Brigade. Up Late first finished the MIT Mystery Hunt in 2015 and additionally finished in 2017. Up Late also has a tradition of a Mystery Hunt afterparty where they would watch a movie related to the hunt theme. [1]

Hunt performances[edit | edit source]

Date Hunt Rank Notes
2022-01-14 MIT Mystery Hunt 2022 21
2021-01-15 MIT Mystery Hunt 2021 22
2020-01-17 MIT Mystery Hunt 2020 13 as uplate
2019-01-18 MIT Mystery Hunt 2019 14
2018-01-12 MIT Mystery Hunt 2018 13
2017-01-13 MIT Mystery Hunt 2017 11
2016-01-15 MIT Mystery Hunt 2016 12
2015-01-16 MIT Mystery Hunt 2015 7
2014-01-10 MIT Mystery Hunt 2014 11
2013-01-11 MIT Mystery Hunt 2013 9 as uplate
2012-01-13 MIT Mystery Hunt 2012 8
2011-01-14 MIT Mystery Hunt 2011 15

References[edit | edit source]