New to Discord, or just want to know what the official Puzzles Wiki Discord server has to offer before jumping in? Here's a quick rundown of the purpose of it, and its channels.

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What's The Discord Meant For?[edit | edit source]

The Puzzles Wiki discord is primarily a place to discuss new additions and changes to the wiki, as well as work with other people passionate about maintaining this project.

It is not a general puzzle community discord, and we expect for it to be treated as learning, teaching, and workspace. If you are instead looking for a more casual community discord server, we recommend visiting the Puzzle World discord.

Channels and Categories[edit | edit source]

While the number of channels in the server may be intimidating at first, we want to make it as easy as possible to understand what everything is used for. Check out #bulletin-board for a list of the primary channels, and what kind of content/discussion is meant to take place there, and check below for a brief description of each of the major channel categories.

News and Announcement channels deal with information that needs to get out to the wiki community, including upcoming hunt announcements, changes to the wiki or discord structure, and a stream of live updates as the wiki is edited.

Social channels are for non-wiki chatting and welcoming new people to the server. Got a new puzzle box and want to talk about it? Spent the weekend obsessed with a new piece of media? Here's where you can talk about it!

Wiki channels are the heart of change for the discord. Any and all discussion about what needs to be done and what could be done in the future goes through one of the channels here. It's also a great place to get oriented; if you ask for guidance here, someone will point you in a good direction ASAP!

Job Board channels are unique to this wiki's discord server. Occasionally, posts will be made announcing tasks that anyone can work on that are at the top of the importance pile. It's a good place to find someone to work on something with, or just to dip your feet into the water to see how things work.