Welcome to the Puzzles Wiki! This page lists out all the handy reference pages in the Wiki namespace. This is all the content related to building the puzzle wiki, as opposed to just Puzzle related things.

  • Wiki - This page. A list of all Wiki namespace pages.
  • About - A short description of what this Wiki is/is not.
  • Discord - A brief description and link to our Discord server.
  • Tools - List of enabled Extensions, Tools, Special Pages and how they can be useful.
  • Style Guide - Guidelines for style and Grammar when writing the wiki.
  • Conventions - Guidelines for internal interactions and decisionmaking when writing the wiki.
  • Copyrights - An explanation of our Copyright policy.
  • Elements - TBC. See List of Puzzle Elements for the current "living document" draft
  • Page Structure - A list of guidelines for creating each type of page in Puzzles Wiki