NES is a team that participates in both the MIT Mystery Hunt and online hunts. The team was founded in 2019 as N3XT, named after Next House in MIT. NES placed in the top 20 for both the 2021 and 2022 Mystery Hunts.

History[edit | edit source]

NES's membership primarily consists of residents and recent alumni of Next House. In 2019, they competed in the 2019 MIT Mystery Hunt as N3XT, named due to the members being from the third floor (3W/3E wings). Later in 2019, the team participated in the Smogon Puzzle Hunt as National 3rosion Service, a reference to an incorrect guess submitted in that Mystery Hunt. In 2020, they merged with two other small Next House teams, TWTW ("Two West Three West", comprising the 2W/3W wings of Next House), and 2MysterE from the 2E wing of Next House, to become NES. NES has no official longform name.

For online hunts, NES generally fields two subteams. Both teams have the initialism NES, and are often thematic to the hunt theme. One of the subteams generally competes as Needlessly Eating [object starting with the letter S]. For hunts that allow teams to submit an personalized image, this subteam includes a picture of a person eating all previous objects that have been needlessly eaten from past hunts.

Hunt performances[edit | edit source]

Date Hunt Rank Notes
2023-12-01 Huntinality 3 15 as Needlessly Eating Storytellers
2023-07-28 Shardhunt 14 as Nine + Eight Shards
2023-06-02 ABCDEFG 6
2023-05-06 Microsoft Puzzlehunt 2023 24 as Needlessly Eating Skype
2023-05-06 Microsoft Puzzlehunt 2023 28 as Narwhal-Eager Sailors
2023-02-10 Grand Hunt 21 as Noble Electronic Scavengers
2022-10-08 EC Puzzle Hunt 2022 16 as Nature Enjoyment Season
2022-08-26 Galactic Puzzle Hunt 2022 29 as Needlessly Eating Scantrons
2022-04-15 Quantum Online Puzzle Hunt 22 as Needlessly Eating Sabermetricians
2022-01-14 MIT Mystery Hunt 2022 18
2021-12-18 Puzzle Rojak 1 25 as Needlessly Eating Squirrels
2021-10-01 Teammate Hunt 2021 23 as Needlessly Eating Sword-swallowers
2021-09-10 QoDE Puzzle Hunt 30 as Needlessly Eating Squirrels
2021-08-21 Puzzle Potluck 4 18 as Needlessly Eating Spaghetti squash
2021-07-23 Galactic Puzzle Hunt 2020 27 as Not Enough Sight
2021-05-29 Huntinality 2021 18 as Nintendo's Evildoer Sibling
2021-05-08 Paradox Puzzle Hunt 2021 10 as Needlessly Eating Ships-of-Theseus
2021-01-15 MIT Mystery Hunt 2021 15
2021-01-02 UMD Puzzle Hunt 2021 29 as Nation-Exploring Students
2021-01-02 UMD Puzzle Hunt 2021 30 as Needlessly Eating Snakes
2020-12-12 CRUMS Puzzle Hunt 2020 6 as Now Extract Somehow
2020-10-23 Teammate Hunt 2020 15 as Needlessly Eating Swing states
2020-09-18 DP Puzzle Hunt 10 as Neptune's Extraterrestrial Surprise
2019-07-20 Smogon Puzzle Hunt 2019 6 as National 3rosion Service