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Cardinality is a team that primarily participates in MIT Mystery Hunts. The team is based around the San Francisco Bay Area and has a prominent contingent from Stanford University. The team was started in 2020, and has placed top 10 in two Mystery Hunts since.

A subset of Cardinality hosted the hunt Huntinality in 2021 and are planning a sequel sometime soon.

History[edit | edit source]

Cardinality started in 2020 as a group of Bay Area based friends. The first iteration of the team was a group of Stanford students participating together in local hunts like DASH and Palantir, but the team soon grew and included people from the general Bay Area. The team takes its name from the Stanford Cardinals and Cardinality from Mathematics. Since its inception, the team has been quickly growing in numbers and improving in placements throughout Hunts.

Hunt Performances[edit | edit source]

Hunt Year Placement Comments
MIT Mystery Hunt 2022 2022 6th -
MIT Mystery Hunt 2021 2021 9th -
MIT Mystery Hunt 2020 2020 22nd -