Plugh is a team that participates in online hunts. The team was formed in 2006 to play the Sekkrets Puzzle Hunt, winning the hunt. Since then, the team has been very successful in online hunts in the late 2000's and early 2010's, especially in Australian hunts. The group is the core of the MIT Mystery Hunt team Team To Be Named Later.

History[edit | edit source]

The team was formed in 2006 to play the Sekkrets Puzzle Hunt.[1] The name plugh comes from the text adventure Colossal Cave Adventure, where it is a magic word, as a different magic word in the same game, "plover", is the surname of one of the founding members. A third magic word in the game, "xyzzy", has also been used as a separate subteam name at times. The pronunciation of "plugh" is uncertain, leading to subteam names often being of the form plugh (pronounced X), where X has been, at times, "plug", "pluff", "plough", and others.

Past hunt performances[edit | edit source]

Date Hunt Rank Notes
2022-08-26 Galactic Puzzle Hunt 2022 25 as Multiplugh Choice Questions Please
2022-06-18 Huntinality 2022 25
2022-04-15 Quantum Online Puzzle Hunt 15
2021-12-18 Puzzle Rojak 17
2021-12-04 Silph Puzzle Hunt 2021 9 as Jigglyplugh (Team ❄️)
2021-10-01 Teammate Hunt 2021 17 as Plugh Jackman is... The Greatest Plughman
2021-09-10 QoDE Puzzle Hunt 11 as Plugh in next week, same Bat-time, same Bat-channel
2021-08-21 Puzzle Potluck 4 22
2021-07-23 Galactic Puzzle Hunt 2020 12 as Plughrry
2021-05-29 Huntinality 2021 8 as plugh (pronounced WAH)
2021-01-02 UMD Puzzle Hunt 2021 27 as E Plughribus Unum
2020-12-12 CRUMS Puzzle Hunt 2020 8 as Crums and Plughnishment
2020-12-12 CRUMS Puzzle Hunt 2020 26 as Plugh and Crumpets
2020-10-23 Teammate Hunt 2020 26 as All the Toms (pronounced plugh)
2020-10-23 Teammate Hunt 2020 27 as Happy Birthday To Plugh
2020-07-25 Smogon Puzzle Hunt 2020 10 as Hugh plugh
2020-07-25 Smogon Puzzle Hunt 2020 12 as Hough plugh
2019-08-07 MUMS Puzzle Hunt 2019 13 as plugh (pronounced ploug)
2019-03-15 Galactic Puzzle Hunt 2019 7 as Plugh (pronounced Blue)
2018-03-16 Galactic Puzzle Hunt 2018 4 as Plugholate chip cookies

References[edit | edit source]