Data:CRUMS Puzzle Hunt 2020

This data page is for the hunt CRUMS Puzzle Hunt 2020, which was run on 2020-12-12 and is part of the CRUMS Puzzle Hunt franchise.
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The Six Bumbling Investigators alias=Test Solution Bees Ignore subteams= rank=1 pts=36 tb= ftime=12-12-2020 16:01:24 comment=
criME ATtorneys alias=teammate subteams= rank=2 pts=36 tb= ftime=12-12-2020 17:12:35 comment=
Mystik Spiral alias= subteams= rank=3 pts=36 tb= ftime=12-12-2020 19:05:49 comment=
Cluebinis alias= subteams= rank=4 pts=36 tb= ftime=12-12-2020 19:31:30 comment=
🍪🍪🍪 Megan T. Cookie 🍪🍪🍪 alias=✈✈✈ Galactic Trendsetters ✈✈✈ subteams= rank=5 pts=36 tb= ftime=12-12-2020 20:21:32 comment=
Now Extract Somehow alias=NES subteams= rank=6 pts=36 tb= ftime=12-12-2020 21:10:42 comment=
ClueCurio alias= subteams= rank=7 pts=36 tb= ftime=12-12-2020 21:16:39 comment=
Crums and Plughnishment alias=plugh subteams= rank=8 pts=36 tb= ftime=12-12-2020 22:44:34 comment=
🍪CRUMS alias= subteams= rank=9 pts=36 tb= ftime=12-12-2020 22:53:40 comment=
Turtle Curlers alias=Cardinality subteams= rank=10 pts=36 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 0:52:25 comment=
junofriends alias=Cardinality subteams= rank=11 pts=36 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 1:18:07 comment=
ℵ₀ alias=Cardinality subteams= rank=12 pts=36 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 1:32:39 comment=
CRANEA alias= subteams= rank=13 pts=36 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 1:51:07 comment=
Synod alias= subteams= rank=14 pts=36 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 2:24:00 comment=
Baconality alias=Cardinality subteams= rank=15 pts=36 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 4:14:42 comment=
Bready Set Go alias=Cardinality subteams= rank=16 pts=36 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 5:05:56 comment=
pluru alias= subteams= rank=17 pts=36 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 14:10:22 comment=
cardinality rejects alias=Cardinality subteams= rank=18 pts=36 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 15:29:41 comment=
Mobius Strippers alias= subteams= rank=19 pts=36 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 16:43:41 comment=
Ange Management alias= subteams= rank=20 pts=36 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 17:07:03 comment=
Teddy Set Dough alias=Cardinality subteams= rank=21 pts=36 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 20:41:49 comment=
PuzzLightyear alias= subteams= rank=22 pts=36 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 21:14:55 comment=
Weird Lex alias= subteams= rank=23 pts=35 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 16:38:08 comment=
White Maria alias= subteams= rank=24 pts=35 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 23:35:17 comment=
exquisiTE MAcarons alias=teammate subteams= rank=25 pts=35 tb= ftime=12-14-2020 0:26:54 comment=
Plugh and Crumpets alias=plugh subteams= rank=26 pts=35 tb= ftime=12-14-2020 0:35:13 comment=
Eraser Crumbs of r/PictureGame alias=r/PictureGame subteams= rank=27 pts=35 tb= ftime=12-14-2020 4:59:14 comment=
🅱️uzzle Idiots alias= subteams= rank=28 pts=35 tb= ftime=12-15-2020 2:21:50 comment=
Waffletown alias= subteams= rank=29 pts=34 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 12:35:51 comment=
17th Shard alias= subteams= rank=30 pts=34 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 22:14:08 comment=
STAN LOOΠΔ alias= subteams= rank=31 pts=34 tb= ftime=12-14-2020 1:23:51 comment=
The Blob Wizards alias= subteams= rank=32 pts=34 tb= ftime=12-14-2020 10:38:12 comment=
The Wombats alias= subteams= rank=33 pts=34 tb= ftime=12-15-2020 23:58:51 comment=
Needlessly Eating September alias=NES subteams= rank=34 pts=33 tb= ftime=12-14-2020 1:29:29 comment=
The Puzzledome alias= subteams= rank=35 pts=33 tb= ftime=12-14-2020 16:35:23 comment=
! alias= subteams= rank=36 pts=33 tb= ftime=12-14-2020 17:31:49 comment=
[URGENT] alias=(URGENT) subteams= rank=37 pts=33 tb= ftime=12-17-2020 9:45:07 comment=
Frumious Bandersnatch alias= subteams= rank=38 pts=32 tb= ftime=12-15-2020 19:30:40 comment=
Team Conundrum alias= subteams= rank=39 pts=32 tb= ftime=12-16-2020 0:31:32 comment=
Insane Troll Logic alias= subteams= rank=40 pts=32 tb= ftime=12-20-2020 14:36:42 comment=
Crunch Money alias= subteams= rank=41 pts=31 tb= ftime=12-15-2020 16:02:25 comment=
Wild Goldfish: 2020 was okay alias= subteams= rank=42 pts=31 tb= ftime=12-16-2020 8:52:17 comment=
🍞CRUMS alias= subteams= rank=43 pts=30 tb= ftime=12-12-2020 20:23:11 comment=
Eggplant Parms alias= subteams= rank=44 pts=30 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 0:33:19 comment=
The Caroline Schism alias=The C@r@line Syzygy subteams= rank=45 pts=30 tb= ftime=12-14-2020 10:04:55 comment=
Brute Farce alias= subteams= rank=46 pts=30 tb= ftime=12-15-2020 19:59:33 comment=
🚀🚀🚀 alias= subteams= rank=47 pts=30 tb= ftime=12-16-2020 1:12:55 comment=
Martini Crossfire alias= subteams= rank=48 pts=29 tb= ftime=12-16-2020 1:23:41 comment=
Moose Capers* alias= subteams= rank=49 pts=29 tb= ftime=12-16-2020 1:24:11 comment=
NullPointerException alias= subteams= rank=50 pts=29 tb= ftime=12-17-2020 12:41:11 comment=
Callie's Enterprise alias= subteams= rank=51 pts=29 tb= ftime=12-20-2020 1:25:21 comment=
Non-Abelian Rage Theory alias=Rage subteams= rank=52 pts=28 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 16:33:47 comment=
Tahnan alias= subteams= rank=53 pts=28 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 23:14:34 comment=
whereswaldo alias= subteams= rank=54 pts=28 tb= ftime=12-16-2020 2:21:05 comment=
Les Gaulois alias= subteams= rank=55 pts=28 tb= ftime=12-16-2020 17:51:30 comment=
Lame Jar alias= subteams= rank=56 pts=28 tb= ftime=12-17-2020 0:13:41 comment=
Felonious Ferrets alias= subteams= rank=57 pts=28 tb= ftime=12-19-2020 18:33:50 comment=
Time Vultures alias= subteams= rank=58 pts=28 tb= ftime=12-20-2020 5:32:12 comment=
🐙 in the 🏘️🏘️🏘️ alias= subteams= rank=59 pts=28 tb= ftime=12-20-2020 17:12:45 comment=
trufact alias= subteams= rank=60 pts=27 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 21:54:01 comment=
untitled-1.crum alias=untitled-1.gfrm subteams= rank=61 pts=27 tb= ftime=12-15-2020 15:57:10 comment=
Team PoND alias= subteams= rank=62 pts=27 tb= ftime=12-20-2020 9:37:13 comment=
The Inedibles alias= subteams= rank=63 pts=26 tb= ftime=12-17-2020 17:55:17 comment=
Unable To Solve alias= subteams= rank=64 pts=26 tb= ftime=12-18-2020 22:37:48 comment=
puzzlepirates alias= subteams= rank=65 pts=26 tb= ftime=12-19-2020 1:25:49 comment=
Vulgar Boatmen alias= subteams= rank=66 pts=26 tb= ftime=12-20-2020 0:10:16 comment=
AnAttemptWasMade alias= subteams= rank=67 pts=26 tb= ftime=12-20-2020 15:53:21 comment=
getting societied on alias= subteams= rank=68 pts=26 tb= ftime=12-20-2020 16:57:54 comment=
Topcoders alias= subteams= rank=69 pts=25 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 22:20:32 comment=
MysteryFunHouse alias= subteams= rank=70 pts=25 tb= ftime=12-15-2020 16:19:48 comment=
NOREGON alias= subteams= rank=71 pts=25 tb= ftime=12-17-2020 22:34:32 comment=
Middle Class alias= subteams= rank=72 pts=25 tb= ftime=12-19-2020 15:27:41 comment=
Yuki alias= subteams= rank=73 pts=24 tb= ftime=12-15-2020 15:50:27 comment=
Tweleve Pack alias= subteams= rank=74 pts=24 tb= ftime=12-16-2020 0:51:18 comment=
Kuerbis alias= subteams= rank=75 pts=24 tb= ftime=12-16-2020 17:44:21 comment=
Elemental Guessing Machine alias= subteams= rank=76 pts=24 tb= ftime=12-18-2020 12:50:56 comment=
WIT alias= subteams= rank=77 pts=24 tb= ftime=12-19-2020 5:29:07 comment=
🍨 for puzzles alias= subteams= rank=78 pts=24 tb= ftime=12-20-2020 6:20:26 comment=
Puzzle Hunters alias= subteams= rank=79 pts=23 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 22:15:28 comment=
🌮🌮taquito alias= subteams= rank=80 pts=23 tb= ftime=12-15-2020 8:15:10 comment=
🤔 alias= subteams= rank=81 pts=23 tb= ftime=12-15-2020 23:45:23 comment=
More About Vikings alias= subteams= rank=82 pts=23 tb= ftime=12-18-2020 17:44:14 comment=
This is the last puzzle alias= subteams= rank=83 pts=23 tb= ftime=12-19-2020 21:29:22 comment=
the spider is our king alias= subteams= rank=84 pts=23 tb= ftime=12-19-2020 22:30:39 comment=
Cold Storage alias= subteams= rank=85 pts=23 tb= ftime=12-20-2020 15:45:35 comment=
Hee-ho alias= subteams= rank=86 pts=22 tb= ftime=12-19-2020 5:17:08 comment=
JarORats alias= subteams= rank=87 pts=22 tb= ftime=12-20-2020 5:09:57 comment=
Horse alias= subteams= rank=88 pts=21 tb= ftime=12-17-2020 21:32:35 comment=
SECKsy alias= subteams= rank=89 pts=21 tb= ftime=12-19-2020 16:47:07 comment=
Banana vs Air alias= subteams= rank=90 pts=20 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 1:52:18 comment=
Team Blutarsky alias= subteams= rank=91 pts=20 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 13:52:19 comment=
Globe Otters alias= subteams= rank=92 pts=18 tb= ftime=12-15-2020 18:09:28 comment=
platt frosh alias= subteams= rank=93 pts=17 tb= ftime=12-14-2020 19:08:23 comment=
Who You Callin Scruffy-Lookin alias= subteams= rank=94 pts=15 tb= ftime=12-12-2020 23:41:20 comment=
Mavericks alias= subteams= rank=95 pts=15 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 22:16:59 comment=
X-Potatoes alias= subteams= rank=96 pts=15 tb= ftime=12-17-2020 7:27:02 comment=
Misremembered Apple alias= subteams= rank=97 pts=15 tb= ftime=12-18-2020 12:33:58 comment=
Puzzle Beans alias= subteams= rank=98 pts=15 tb= ftime=12-20-2020 7:18:03 comment=
Puzzlebrains alias= subteams= rank=99 pts=15 tb= ftime=12-20-2020 12:54:36 comment=
Register a Team alias= subteams= rank=100 pts=14 tb= ftime=12-18-2020 22:32:15 comment=
Timjaninja alias= subteams= rank=101 pts=14 tb= ftime=12-19-2020 21:40:06 comment=
Ski Nautique alias= subteams= rank=102 pts=13 tb= ftime=12-12-2020 23:56:59 comment=
have you tried flummery alias=have you tried subteams= rank=103 pts=13 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 20:51:03 comment=
Batamaran alias= subteams= rank=104 pts=13 tb= ftime=12-14-2020 15:19:07 comment=
Team Eagle Time alias= subteams= rank=105 pts=13 tb= ftime=12-16-2020 16:02:28 comment=
Psyduck Confit alias= subteams= rank=106 pts=13 tb= ftime=12-18-2020 10:23:53 comment=
Loveparty alias= subteams= rank=107 pts=13 tb= ftime=12-19-2020 21:48:10 comment=
Paloozas alias= subteams= rank=108 pts=12 tb= ftime=12-12-2020 19:26:46 comment=
DoubleM alias= subteams= rank=109 pts=12 tb= ftime=12-15-2020 14:30:54 comment=
Fuzzy Bunnies alias= subteams= rank=110 pts=12 tb= ftime=12-16-2020 21:14:17 comment=
shipit-parrot.gif alias= subteams= rank=111 pts=12 tb= ftime=12-16-2020 23:40:46 comment=
Tc alias= subteams= rank=112 pts=12 tb= ftime=12-17-2020 8:04:36 comment=
Benny for your Thoughts alias= subteams= rank=113 pts=11 tb= ftime=12-16-2020 23:57:40 comment=
Too Two To Five alias= subteams= rank=114 pts=11 tb= ftime=12-17-2020 19:22:22 comment=
Amateur Pig Wranglers alias= subteams= rank=115 pts=10 tb= ftime=12-12-2020 17:57:56 comment=
Flower Power alias= subteams= rank=116 pts=10 tb= ftime=12-12-2020 18:01:39 comment=
Earth Crumbs of r/PictureGame alias=r/PictureGame subteams= rank=117 pts=10 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 9:39:11 comment=
Dukael Mikakis alias= subteams= rank=118 pts=10 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 15:09:22 comment=
n + eva x 2 alias= subteams= rank=119 pts=10 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 19:38:05 comment=
crUWUms alias= subteams= rank=120 pts=10 tb= ftime=12-14-2020 0:26:37 comment=
WASLaplace alias= subteams= rank=121 pts=9 tb= ftime=12-12-2020 21:53:03 comment=
wolf alias= subteams= rank=122 pts=9 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 6:23:09 comment=
Zigzagoons alias= subteams= rank=123 pts=9 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 16:54:01 comment=
McGriddles Fan Club alias= subteams= rank=124 pts=9 tb= ftime=12-14-2020 12:34:02 comment=
Kei alias= subteams= rank=125 pts=9 tb= ftime=12-14-2020 19:04:21 comment=
platyπ alias= subteams= rank=126 pts=9 tb= ftime=12-17-2020 2:36:24 comment=
Juiced alias= subteams= rank=127 pts=8 tb= ftime=12-12-2020 16:09:16 comment=
7 of Diamonds alias= subteams= rank=128 pts=8 tb= ftime=12-12-2020 18:52:03 comment=
Ducking Adorable alias= subteams= rank=129 pts=8 tb= ftime=12-19-2020 10:27:35 comment=
Fish and the Monkeys alias= subteams= rank=130 pts=8 tb= ftime=12-19-2020 11:13:37 comment=
The 3 (3)s alias= subteams= rank=131 pts=7 tb= ftime=12-15-2020 19:58:58 comment=
MethodsOfRationality alias= subteams= rank=132 pts=6 tb= ftime=12-14-2020 21:21:51 comment=
Spaceball One alias= subteams= rank=133 pts=6 tb= ftime=12-16-2020 3:51:07 comment=
The Bandits alias= subteams= rank=134 pts=6 tb= ftime=12-16-2020 16:04:21 comment=
Chicken & ROFLs alias= subteams= rank=135 pts=6 tb= ftime=12-16-2020 23:24:28 comment=
Late Worms alias= subteams= rank=136 pts=6 tb= ftime=12-20-2020 3:01:04 comment=
TOFQFC alias= subteams= rank=137 pts=6 tb= ftime=12-20-2020 13:54:10 comment=
WatchMeJumpstart alias= subteams= rank=138 pts=5 tb= ftime=12-12-2020 11:14:48 comment=
Dancing Divers alias= subteams= rank=139 pts=5 tb= ftime=12-12-2020 13:04:13 comment=
🧠 Smart Cookies🍪 alias= subteams= rank=140 pts=5 tb= ftime=12-12-2020 13:17:25 comment=
Furious Acorns alias= subteams= rank=141 pts=5 tb= ftime=12-12-2020 13:55:12 comment=
come back to us later alias= subteams= rank=142 pts=5 tb= ftime=12-12-2020 14:10:45 comment=
Cowpeabara alias= subteams= rank=143 pts=5 tb= ftime=12-12-2020 14:13:33 comment=
We Faked the Mars Landing alias= subteams= rank=144 pts=5 tb= ftime=12-12-2020 15:13:49 comment=
SMRT alias= subteams= rank=145 pts=5 tb= ftime=12-12-2020 15:35:21 comment=
Daydrinkers alias= subteams= rank=146 pts=5 tb= ftime=12-12-2020 16:45:08 comment=
Shashakiro alias= subteams= rank=147 pts=5 tb= ftime=12-12-2020 17:12:24 comment=
Puzzkill alias= subteams= rank=148 pts=5 tb= ftime=12-12-2020 17:37:36 comment=
Belmonsters alias= subteams= rank=149 pts=5 tb= ftime=12-12-2020 18:40:03 comment=
And in Last Place alias= subteams= rank=150 pts=5 tb= ftime=12-12-2020 18:56:52 comment=
Prinny Squad alias= subteams= rank=151 pts=5 tb= ftime=12-12-2020 20:50:10 comment=
Transplanted Stairs alias= subteams= rank=152 pts=5 tb= ftime=12-12-2020 21:27:41 comment=
Ravenpuffs alias= subteams= rank=153 pts=5 tb= ftime=12-12-2020 22:14:32 comment=
Righteous Horde alias= subteams= rank=154 pts=5 tb= ftime=12-12-2020 22:27:24 comment=
Amiable Elaine alias= subteams= rank=155 pts=5 tb= ftime=12-12-2020 23:39:02 comment=
PurplePeopleEaters alias= subteams= rank=156 pts=5 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 0:17:51 comment=
Rabble 🙈 alias= subteams= rank=157 pts=5 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 0:33:05 comment=
Order of Magnitude alias= subteams= rank=158 pts=5 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 1:49:08 comment=
dream of the drop alias= subteams= rank=159 pts=5 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 3:16:09 comment=
Blin-Bling alias= subteams= rank=160 pts=5 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 3:22:41 comment=
chez jrk alias= subteams= rank=161 pts=5 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 3:26:54 comment=
brain death alias= subteams= rank=162 pts=5 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 5:58:17 comment=
Speedy Roadtripperz alias= subteams= rank=163 pts=5 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 7:24:27 comment=
DUMS alias= subteams= rank=164 pts=5 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 21:41:20 comment=
HappyHour alias= subteams= rank=165 pts=4 tb= ftime=12-12-2020 16:37:16 comment=
Chopped Dough🍕 alias= subteams= rank=166 pts=4 tb= ftime=12-12-2020 22:30:29 comment=
The Herculean Hulse-Kormans alias= subteams= rank=167 pts=4 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 23:22:53 comment=
Joat alias= subteams= rank=168 pts=4 tb= ftime=12-14-2020 3:46:12 comment=
dante1 alias= subteams= rank=169 pts=4 tb= ftime=12-14-2020 5:33:00 comment=
Infinite Noodles alias= subteams= rank=170 pts=4 tb= ftime=12-14-2020 9:18:17 comment=
Mimsy alias= subteams= rank=171 pts=3 tb= ftime=12-12-2020 16:15:41 comment=
Gordian Not-Its alias= subteams= rank=172 pts=3 tb= ftime=12-12-2020 18:09:39 comment=
chaotic triplets alias= subteams= rank=173 pts=3 tb= ftime=12-12-2020 20:49:43 comment=
Bennu Pogo Stickers alias= subteams= rank=174 pts=3 tb= ftime=12-12-2020 22:22:02 comment=
quizlam alias= subteams= rank=175 pts=3 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 0:31:27 comment=
Coconut Pizza Hut alias= subteams= rank=176 pts=3 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 6:15:10 comment=
Filthy Casuals alias= subteams= rank=177 pts=3 tb= ftime=12-13-2020 21:36:03 comment=
okakoro alias= subteams= rank=178 pts=3 tb= ftime=12-15-2020 2:27:35 comment=
Cheatahs alias= subteams= rank=179 pts=3 tb= ftime=12-15-2020 21:47:20 comment=
Keystone alias= subteams= rank=180 pts=3 tb= ftime=12-15-2020 22:22:36 comment=
InvalidD alias= subteams= rank=181 pts=3 tb= ftime=12-16-2020 1:57:51 comment=
Commander Vimes alias= subteams= rank=182 pts=3 tb= ftime=12-17-2020 2:29:53 comment=
hhpuzzleteam alias= subteams= rank=183 pts=3 tb= ftime=12-17-2020 16:32:03 comment=
Arturo Vial Arqueros alias= subteams= rank=184 pts=3 tb= ftime=12-18-2020 15:04:13 comment=
blueherrings alias= subteams= rank=185 pts=3 tb= ftime=12-19-2020 0:25:05 comment=
Monkey C, Monkey Doodoo alias= subteams= rank=186 pts=3 tb= ftime=12-19-2020 20:32:40 comment=
Jem and the Cryptograms alias= subteams= rank=187 pts=3 tb= ftime=12-20-2020 0:41:23 comment=