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Cipher & Code Breaking Competition, often abbreviated as CCBC, is an annual puzzle hunt run by Cipherpuzzles. It is the oldest puzzlehunt in Chinese. The old name for CCBC was Cipher & Code Bar Competition because the first CCBC was run by SEVENKING who was the administrator of Baidu Cipher Bar in 2008. This name was used until CCBC X, the 10th iteration of CCBC. Due to the reduced correlation between CCBC and Baidu Cipher Bar, the name was changed from 'Bar' to 'Breaking'. It is mainly designed for Chinese puzzle solvers but also friendly to non-Chinese puzzle solvers. Like many other hunts, the winning team will be responsible for designing next year’s hunt. It allows a max team size of 5.

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March 2024 12 (Puzzled Pint Mar-24) · 15 (glyph 5)
April 2024 9 (Puzzled Pint Apr-24) · 13 (Brown Puzzlehunt 2024) · 20 (WWU Great Puzzle Hunt 2024)
May 2024 14 (Puzzled Pint May-24) · 18 (Rubik's Cube 50th Anniversary Hunt) · 25 (Puzzle Rojak 2024)

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