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Palindrome is a team that participates in the MIT Mystery Hunt. The team is one of the oldest Mystery Hunt teams that is currently active, consisting of many Hunt veterans and other well known puzzlers and puzzle-setters. Palindrome is also one of the most successful MH teams, having won Hunt in 1997, 2000 and 2007; subsequently hosting the Hunts for 1998, 2001 and 2008. Most recently, Palindrome won the 2021 Mystery Hunt and were the hosts for the 2022 Mystery Hunt[1]. Since 2010, Palindrome has placed top 10 every single year, also placing top 3 in seven of those years.

Palindrome members have written several other hunts, including BAPHL 7, BAPHL 12 as well as other non-competitive hunts like Space Oddity or Bunch of Yoyos. Some members of Palindrome separately run their own hunts and events, including Mark Halpin's Labor Day Extravaganza as well as Puzzle Boats and P&A Magazine by Foggy Brume.

History[edit | edit source]

The team is named Palindrome in the puzzle community because of their tradition to have a different palindrome in their team names for every Mystery Hunt. The team takes its grassroots from National Puzzlers' League and similar Boston-based puzzlers conventions.[2] Additionally, a Palindrome tradition is that each year, all on-site hunters get nametags, with a design inspired by that year's team name.

In 2018, some Palindrome members split off to form Ange Management, a sister team with close connections to Palindrome. The team is less competitive and frequently has members switching between the two.

Nametag designs[edit | edit source]

Mystery Hunt performances[edit | edit source]

Hunt Year Placement Comments
MIT Mystery Hunt 2024 2024 n/a as A Nut for a Jar of Tuna
MIT Mystery Hunt 2023 2023 11th as Ten-Alpaca Planet
MIT Mystery Hunt 2022 2022 n/a Host
MIT Mystery Hunt 2021 2021 1st as Not So Boston
MIT Mystery Hunt 2020 2020 2nd as WTF FTW
MIT Mystery Hunt 2019 2019 2nd as ¯\_(+_+)_/¯ (pronounced "huh")
MIT Mystery Hunt 2018 2018 3rd as Flower/Ewe/Werewolf
MIT Mystery Hunt 2017 2017 5th as Too Long, No Loot

The name is a reference to the theme of the Hunt as well as the fact that Palindrome had performed very well but not yet won a hunt recently.[3]

MIT Mystery Hunt 2016 2016 4th as Dammit, I'm Mad!
MIT Mystery Hunt 2015 2015 5th as Senile Felines
MIT Mystery Hunt 2014 2014 5th as Engage Le Jeu Que Je Le Gagne!
MIT Mystery Hunt 2013 2013 2nd as I Prefer Pi
MIT Mystery Hunt 2012 2012 6th as Mega-Tart Stratagem
MIT Mystery Hunt 2011 2011 9th as Stacy's Super-Aware Pussycats
MIT Mystery Hunt 2010 2010 6th as So Many Dynamos
MIT Mystery Hunt 2009 2009 10th as Star Rats
MIT Mystery Hunt 2008 2008 n/a Hosted as Dr. Awkward
MIT Mystery Hunt 2007 2007 1st as Dr. Awkward
MIT Mystery Hunt 2006 2006 6th as Wercrew
MIT Mystery Hunt 2005 2005 3rd as El Google
MIT Mystery Hunt 2004 2004 6th as Ecroforce
MIT Mystery Hunt 2003 2003 5th as Snafu Fans
MIT Mystery Hunt 2002 2002 3rd as Ycnamancy
MIT Mystery Hunt 2001 2001 n/a Hosted as The Team That Must Not Be Named
MIT Mystery Hunt 2000 2000 1st as PAINTTTNIAP
MIT Mystery Hunt 1999 1999 ? as Ygology
MIT Mystery Hunt 1998 1998 n/a Hosted as The Faculty / Palindrome
MIT Mystery Hunt 1997 1997 1st as Ainamania
MIT Mystery Hunt 1996 1996 ? as Ailihphilia
MIT Mystery Hunt 1995 1995 ? as Aibohphobia

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