Data:Huntinality 3

This data page is for the hunt Huntinality 3, which was run on 2023-12-01 and is part of the Huntinality franchise.
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Cardinality alias= subteams= rank=-1 pts= tb= ftime= comment=
H(erm)ans C(margaret)hristian Anderson alias=teammate subteams= rank=1 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/1/23, 10:57:19 PM comment=
the next hunt will definitely be normal, we promise alias=✈✈✈ Galactic Trendsetters ✈✈✈ subteams= rank=2 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/1/23, 11:19:17 PM comment=
the card game hunts will continue until morale improves alias=✈✈✈ Galactic Trendsetters ✈✈✈ subteams= rank=3 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/1/23, 11:30:58 PM comment=
Crazy About Punishment alias= subteams= rank=4 pts=5 tb=34 ftime=12/1/23, 11:43:35 PM comment=
య TELUGU LETTER CINDERELLA'S CARRIAGE AFTER MIDNIGHT alias=⛎ UNICODE EQUIVALENCE subteams= rank=5 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/1/23, 11:46:33 PM comment=
Exploring the Countryside with r/PictureGame alias=r/PictureGame subteams= rank=6 pts=5 tb=35 ftime=12/2/23, 12:21:03 AM comment=
Munjiculms and the Three Sirki alias=Culms of Munj subteams= rank=7 pts=5 tb=35 ftime=12/2/23, 3:00:34 AM comment=
Mathemagicians YOLOing The Hunt alias=The Mathemagicians subteams= rank=8 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/2/23, 6:01:51 AM comment=
Once upon a team in the middle of winter, when the flakes of snow were falling like feathers from th alias=Team Copypasta subteams= rank=9 pts=5 tb=35 ftime=12/2/23, 8:52:59 AM comment=
The Coraline Schism alias=The C@r@line Syzygy subteams= rank=10 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/2/23, 9:16:14 AM comment=
as i typed the message I realized it had a solid chance of being the team name, but i sent it anyway alias=teammate subteams= rank=11 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/2/23, 11:20:26 AM comment=
A Little Left Out alias=Left Out subteams= rank=12 pts=5 tb=35 ftime=12/2/23, 12:59:19 PM comment= alias= subteams= rank=13 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/2/23, 1:40:53 PM comment=
Into the Oaken Holt alias=Inert Oaken Heron subteams= rank=14 pts=5 tb=31 ftime=12/2/23, 3:02:47 PM comment=
Needlessly Eating Storytellers alias=NES subteams= rank=15 pts=5 tb=35 ftime=12/2/23, 3:34:08 PM comment=
ghostbloods alias= subteams= rank=16 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/2/23, 4:23:31 PM comment=
Disguised As Nanas alias=DAN subteams= rank=17 pts=5 tb=35 ftime=12/2/23, 4:58:37 PM comment=
Little Red Riding Herrings 🎏 alias=Herrings subteams= rank=18 pts=5 tb=33 ftime=12/2/23, 5:01:33 PM comment=
On a Llama Far, Far Away alias=Llama subteams= rank=19 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/2/23, 5:20:29 PM comment=
􏾠 PRIVATE USE AREA GORGEOUS NEW OUTFIT FOR EMPEROR alias=⛎ UNICODE EQUIVALENCE subteams= rank=20 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/2/23, 6:13:21 PM comment=
Literally Little Red Riding Hood alias=Literally Animal Farm subteams= rank=21 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/2/23, 7:44:21 PM comment=
Giants' Realm Inhabited by Massive Mathemagicians alias=The Mathemagicians subteams= rank=22 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/2/23, 7:56:48 PM comment=
Nutritious Bradley alias=The Puzzle Potluck Crew subteams= rank=23 pts=5 tb=34 ftime=12/2/23, 8:22:44 PM comment=
Pluru alias= subteams= rank=24 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/2/23, 8:33:49 PM comment=
The Caroline Schism alias=The C@r@line Syzygy subteams= rank=25 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/2/23, 9:12:49 PM comment=
two horses hold sun and sky alias=MiaoMiaoMiao subteams= rank=26 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/2/23, 10:20:14 PM comment=
Pusheen Appreciation Society alias= subteams= rank=27 pts=5 tb=31 ftime=12/2/23, 10:30:59 PM comment=
Eggplant Parms alias= subteams= rank=28 pts=5 tb=32 ftime=12/2/23, 10:54:17 PM comment=
Amateur Hour alias= subteams= rank=29 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/2/23, 11:27:36 PM comment=
Mobius Strippers alias= subteams= rank=30 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/2/23, 11:28:21 PM comment=
Literally Three Little Pigs alias=Literally Animal Farm subteams= rank=31 pts=5 tb=35 ftime=12/2/23, 11:41:51 PM comment=
barbara kingsolver alias= subteams= rank=32 pts=5 tb=35 ftime=12/2/23, 11:57:51 PM comment=
The Wobs 🔮 alias=Blob Wizards subteams= rank=33 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/3/23, 1:37:22 AM comment=
simplicissimus alias= subteams= rank=34 pts=5 tb=34 ftime=12/3/23, 2:12:07 AM comment=
ATU 151 Man Teaches Wild Animal to Play Fiddle alias= subteams= rank=35 pts=5 tb=34 ftime=12/3/23, 2:16:16 AM comment=
team_underscore alias= subteams= rank=36 pts=5 tb=35 ftime=12/3/23, 5:00:24 AM comment=
Naïve/Enthusiastic Soloer alias=NES subteams= rank=37 pts=5 tb=34 ftime=12/3/23, 6:21:14 AM comment=
Hee-ho alias= subteams= rank=38 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/3/23, 7:00:12 AM comment=
The Blizzards 🔮 alias=Blob Wizards subteams= rank=39 pts=5 tb=35 ftime=12/3/23, 8:41:25 AM comment=
17th Time My Sleep Was Ruined By Someone Thinking I Need Rescuing, I Just Like My Seclusion Okay alias=17th Shard subteams= rank=40 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/3/23, 9:06:38 AM comment=
White Maria alias= subteams= rank=41 pts=5 tb=35 ftime=12/3/23, 9:30:49 AM comment=
Y-te Knights alias=The α-betical Order subteams= rank=42 pts=5 tb=34 ftime=12/3/23, 9:43:19 AM comment=
Curious Kittens alias= subteams= rank=43 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/3/23, 10:36:08 AM comment=
inter oves alias= subteams= rank=44 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/3/23, 10:39:25 AM comment=
A-sop's Fables alias=The α-betical Order subteams= rank=45 pts=5 tb=35 ftime=12/3/23, 11:17:42 AM comment=
Libra-thers Grimm Complexity alias=Libra Complexity subteams= rank=46 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/3/23, 12:37:30 PM comment=
GOURDitas alias= subteams= rank=47 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/3/23, 4:23:43 PM comment=
🥦 Broccoli Brawlers 🥦 alias= subteams= rank=48 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/3/23, 4:42:23 PM comment=
Navigating Eccentric Storytelling alias=NES subteams= rank=49 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/3/23, 6:39:47 PM comment=
Never Ending Story alias=NES subteams= rank=50 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/3/23, 7:11:32 PM comment=
...and they all lived Vehemently ever after alias=Vehemence subteams= rank=51 pts=5 tb=35 ftime=12/3/23, 7:30:29 PM comment=
puzzles too hard :c alias= subteams= rank=52 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/3/23, 7:51:15 PM comment=
Once upon a time in Vehemence... alias=Vehemence subteams= rank=53 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/3/23, 7:57:24 PM comment=
🌮🌮taquito alias= subteams= rank=54 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/3/23, 10:02:52 PM comment=
3 Wittle Wigs alias= subteams= rank=55 pts=5 tb=32 ftime=12/3/23, 10:13:48 PM comment=
Stumped and Furious alias= subteams= rank=56 pts=5 tb=35 ftime=12/3/23, 10:30:14 PM comment=
aoeu alias= subteams= rank=57 pts=5 tb=35 ftime=12/3/23, 11:01:34 PM comment=
tfti alias= subteams= rank=58 pts=5 tb=35 ftime=12/3/23, 11:16:28 PM comment=
StriketaleA📜 alias=StriketeamA subteams= rank=59 pts=5 tb=35 ftime=12/4/23, 4:11:31 AM comment=
Unexpected Items Into the Woods alias=Unexpected Items subteams= rank=60 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/4/23, 4:44:37 AM comment=
Mathemagicians Yearning To Help Outcasted Sprites alias=The Mathemagicians subteams= rank=61 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/4/23, 5:01:43 AM comment=
PonX alias= subteams= rank=62 pts=5 tb=35 ftime=12/4/23, 6:26:08 AM comment=
🐆 Cheatahs 🐆 alias= subteams= rank=63 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/4/23, 8:16:44 AM comment=
Team Sam: Bears Indahouse alias=Test Solution Bees Ignore subteams= rank=64 pts=5 tb=34 ftime=12/4/23, 11:15:39 AM comment=
Quarantine Decrypters - Red alias=Quarantine Decrypters subteams= rank=65 pts=5 tb=35 ftime=12/4/23, 1:48:59 PM comment=
Puzzle Pad Thai alias= subteams= rank=66 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/4/23, 2:44:27 PM comment=
Library Card Renewal Done alias= subteams= rank=67 pts=5 tb=33 ftime=12/4/23, 2:53:54 PM comment=
Propunzyl alias=Projectyl subteams= rank=68 pts=5 tb=34 ftime=12/4/23, 3:48:01 PM comment=
Thick Storybook (Big Images) alias=Test Solution Bees Ignore subteams= rank=69 pts=5 tb=35 ftime=12/4/23, 7:30:35 PM comment=
🍎 alias= subteams= rank=70 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/4/23, 9:08:06 PM comment=
Singles Ready to Stay Inside alias= subteams= rank=71 pts=5 tb=35 ftime=12/4/23, 9:29:03 PM comment=
AMAZON EOTY JUNKRAT ONE TRICK GACHA ADDICT ACRIUS SHIRAKAMI FUBUKI #1 FAN AGU + friends alias=DAVID ZENG + friends subteams= rank=72 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/4/23, 10:14:49 PM comment=
🚀🚀🚀 alias= subteams= rank=73 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/4/23, 10:30:33 PM comment=
ET Phone in Answer alias= subteams= rank=74 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/4/23, 10:45:57 PM comment=
come back to us later alias= subteams= rank=75 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/4/23, 11:02:37 PM comment=
闲散解谜!(Laid-back Puzzling) alias= subteams= rank=76 pts=5 tb=35 ftime=12/4/23, 11:38:00 PM comment=
Three-ish Sadly Belated Individuals alias=Test Solution Bees Ignore subteams= rank=77 pts=5 tb=35 ftime=12/5/23, 12:45:11 AM comment=
The Puzzledome alias= subteams= rank=78 pts=5 tb=34 ftime=12/5/23, 2:09:30 AM comment=
SnapDragon alias= subteams= rank=79 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/5/23, 3:51:35 AM comment=
Mathemagicians Unwavering, Figuring Fairytales' Epic Teasers alias=The Mathemagicians subteams= rank=80 pts=5 tb=35 ftime=12/5/23, 6:20:51 AM comment=
String Cheese Theory alias= subteams= rank=81 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/5/23, 8:27:02 AM comment=
[URGENT] WHAT IS TIME? alias=(URGENT) subteams= rank=82 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/5/23, 8:38:11 AM comment=
英文好难啊qaq alias= subteams= rank=83 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/5/23, 11:07:07 AM comment=
hootligans alias= subteams= rank=84 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/5/23, 11:59:47 AM comment=
cruciverbalists alias= subteams= rank=85 pts=5 tb=35 ftime=12/5/23, 2:01:19 PM comment=
Frumious Bandersnatch alias= subteams= rank=86 pts=5 tb=34 ftime=12/5/23, 2:03:19 PM comment=
BestBeans alias= subteams= rank=87 pts=5 tb=34 ftime=12/5/23, 3:00:21 PM comment=
ProgChamps alias= subteams= rank=88 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/5/23, 3:02:28 PM comment=
bookmark alias= subteams= rank=89 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/5/23, 4:33:51 PM comment=
🃏 alias= subteams= rank=90 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/5/23, 6:36:14 PM comment=
Sean and Mark alias= subteams= rank=91 pts=5 tb=32 ftime=12/5/23, 7:41:11 PM comment=
the astronaughts ඞ traded their original name for some magic beans alias=the astronaughts ඞ subteams= rank=92 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/6/23, 12:12:43 AM comment=
Pepsimen alias= subteams= rank=93 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/6/23, 2:53:44 AM comment=
1.00E+308 alias= subteams= rank=94 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/6/23, 5:08:22 AM comment=
Les Gaulois alias= subteams= rank=95 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/6/23, 10:18:13 AM comment=
[Redacted] alias=(Redacted) subteams= rank=96 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/6/23, 10:41:11 AM comment=
Time Vultures alias= subteams= rank=97 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/6/23, 11:27:07 AM comment=
Ultimate Brownies alias= subteams= rank=98 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/6/23, 12:37:38 PM comment=
Mr Ree Polka (tl) alias= subteams= rank=99 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/6/23, 1:37:00 PM comment=
Sufficiently Large N alias= subteams= rank=100 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/6/23, 2:03:42 PM comment=
Audio, Video, Disco alias= subteams= rank=101 pts=5 tb=34 ftime=12/6/23, 3:35:20 PM comment=
Panda Cubs alias= subteams= rank=102 pts=5 tb=33 ftime=12/6/23, 3:47:07 PM comment=
:praytrick: alias= subteams= rank=103 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/6/23, 5:10:34 PM comment=
More About Vikings alias= subteams= rank=104 pts=5 tb=35 ftime=12/6/23, 5:34:50 PM comment=
Resistant to Nail Polish alias= subteams= rank=105 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/6/23, 6:30:33 PM comment=
Yuki alias= subteams= rank=106 pts=5 tb=33 ftime=12/6/23, 7:15:51 PM comment=
Kevin alias= subteams= rank=107 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/6/23, 7:46:58 PM comment=
...All seemed lost, until Vehemence arrived... alias=Vehemence subteams= rank=108 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/6/23, 8:25:54 PM comment=
Dirty Bayes alias= subteams= rank=109 pts=5 tb=34 ftime=12/6/23, 8:51:20 PM comment=
Unencrypted alias= subteams= rank=110 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/6/23, 8:53:02 PM comment=
AxolotlsPublished alias= subteams= rank=111 pts=5 tb=35 ftime=12/7/23, 10:30:05 AM comment=
Speculative Execution alias= subteams= rank=112 pts=5 tb=34 ftime=12/7/23, 11:25:30 AM comment=
IlluminareUmbra alias= subteams= rank=113 pts=5 tb=32 ftime=12/7/23, 3:06:42 PM comment=
Team Eagle Time alias= subteams= rank=114 pts=5 tb=35 ftime=12/7/23, 4:22:42 PM comment=
Dan City alias= subteams= rank=115 pts=5 tb=34 ftime=12/7/23, 4:30:10 PM comment=
Ten Pears alias= subteams= rank=116 pts=5 tb=32 ftime=12/7/23, 5:12:38 PM comment=
Puzz Buds alias= subteams= rank=117 pts=5 tb=34 ftime=12/7/23, 6:53:17 PM comment=
KaBaL alias= subteams= rank=118 pts=5 tb=34 ftime=12/7/23, 9:38:37 PM comment=
Mathemagicians Enthusiastically Retelling Legendary Imaginative Narratives alias=The Mathemagicians subteams= rank=119 pts=5 tb=34 ftime=12/7/23, 10:23:05 PM comment=
PuzzlePath Travelers alias= subteams= rank=120 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/7/23, 11:16:55 PM comment=
Team Constructed Adventures alias= subteams= rank=121 pts=5 tb=35 ftime=12/8/23, 12:49:03 AM comment=
showerpomelo alias=Shower Pomelo subteams= rank=122 pts=5 tb=35 ftime=12/8/23, 5:48:29 AM comment=
Just-Us League alias= subteams= rank=123 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/8/23, 6:00:58 AM comment=
Chicken & ROFLs alias= subteams= rank=124 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/8/23, 9:18:47 AM comment=
Evil Step-Ladderdogs alias= subteams= rank=125 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/8/23, 2:02:29 PM comment=
Gooey Butter Cake alias= subteams= rank=126 pts=5 tb=35 ftime=12/8/23, 2:25:31 PM comment=
Sea Lionses alias= subteams= rank=127 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/8/23, 2:37:44 PM comment=
The Wombats alias= subteams= rank=128 pts=5 tb=33 ftime=12/8/23, 8:04:09 PM comment=
Puzzles are for Slovers alias= subteams= rank=129 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/8/23, 8:06:43 PM comment=
CMUpelstiltskin alias= subteams= rank=130 pts=5 tb=35 ftime=12/8/23, 8:25:53 PM comment=
THERE ARE ANSWERS OF MORALITY AND LAW AND PHYSICAL MOOC AND ALSO A HASH UTOPIA alias= subteams= rank=131 pts=5 tb=35 ftime=12/8/23, 8:41:28 PM comment=
concert fantasy on the betrayal of coby tran alias=QUWUbits subteams= rank=132 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/9/23, 12:11:02 AM comment=
dreAM TAle alias=teammate subteams= rank=133 pts=5 tb=31 ftime=12/9/23, 3:04:33 AM comment=
Decrypt This Hunt alias= subteams= rank=134 pts=5 tb=35 ftime=12/9/23, 3:45:39 AM comment=
Nameless Chronicles alias= subteams= rank=135 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/9/23, 3:48:37 AM comment=
Puzzkill alias= subteams= rank=136 pts=5 tb=35 ftime=12/9/23, 6:49:43 AM comment=
The Hunt Slayers alias= subteams= rank=137 pts=5 tb=35 ftime=12/9/23, 7:02:43 AM comment=
Just for the Halibut alias= subteams= rank=138 pts=5 tb=34 ftime=12/9/23, 9:04:54 AM comment=
FDU Puzzle Hunters alias= subteams= rank=139 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/9/23, 10:52:43 AM comment=
Stressful Shapes alias= subteams= rank=140 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/9/23, 12:41:24 PM comment=
Happily Clever After alias= subteams= rank=141 pts=5 tb=34 ftime=12/9/23, 2:44:47 PM comment=
Molar Dilemma alias= subteams= rank=142 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/9/23, 3:01:57 PM comment=
Pan-Galactic Goose Syndicate alias= subteams= rank=143 pts=5 tb=33 ftime=12/9/23, 3:02:25 PM comment=
[title of team] alias=(title of team) subteams= rank=144 pts=5 tb=35 ftime=12/9/23, 3:48:09 PM comment=
◊╫◊ alias= subteams= rank=145 pts=5 tb=34 ftime=12/9/23, 7:31:48 PM comment=
The Whiskers alias= subteams= rank=146 pts=5 tb=35 ftime=12/9/23, 8:25:51 PM comment=
FloorOfLava alias= subteams= rank=147 pts=5 tb=34 ftime=12/9/23, 9:07:52 PM comment=
🎒Bag of Storage🎒 alias= subteams= rank=148 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/9/23, 10:41:12 PM comment=
spinytoons alias= subteams= rank=149 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/9/23, 10:47:51 PM comment=
Not A Hunter alias= subteams= rank=150 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/9/23, 11:48:53 PM comment=
S-goats alias= subteams= rank=151 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/10/23, 1:42:26 AM comment=
🐧 Penguinality 🐧 alias=Cardinality subteams= rank=152 pts=5 tb=35 ftime=12/10/23, 2:10:11 AM comment=
🅱️uzzle idiots alias= subteams= rank=153 pts=5 tb=34 ftime=12/10/23, 2:48:24 AM comment=
We Believed Her Lies alias= subteams= rank=154 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/10/23, 3:24:24 AM comment=
Renegades alias= subteams= rank=155 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/10/23, 4:49:15 AM comment=
Callie's Enterprise alias= subteams= rank=156 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/10/23, 5:10:24 AM comment=
Puzzlesweeper alias= subteams= rank=157 pts=5 tb=34 ftime=12/10/23, 7:32:27 AM comment=
Isotopes Puzzles United alias= subteams= rank=158 pts=5 tb=34 ftime=12/10/23, 8:32:11 AM comment=
Livin' Covida Loca alias= subteams= rank=159 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/10/23, 8:38:49 AM comment=
Ay Tsao alias= subteams= rank=160 pts=5 tb=34 ftime=12/10/23, 10:44:31 AM comment=
Weird Lex & The Aladdin Chickenshackers alias= subteams= rank=161 pts=5 tb=33 ftime=12/10/23, 11:43:48 AM comment=
Joat alias= subteams= rank=162 pts=5 tb=34 ftime=12/10/23, 1:32:48 PM comment=
Flemish Giants alias= subteams= rank=163 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/10/23, 1:35:53 PM comment=
Brentnicio del Rambco alias= subteams= rank=164 pts=5 tb=34 ftime=12/10/23, 1:39:21 PM comment=
Childhood Memories Unearthed alias= subteams= rank=165 pts=5 tb=34 ftime=12/10/23, 2:28:05 PM comment=
Managers alias= subteams= rank=166 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/10/23, 2:28:17 PM comment=
Eldritch Cataclysm of /r/PictureGame alias=r/PictureGame subteams= rank=167 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/10/23, 2:29:04 PM comment=
Conundra of the Brumigumian Nights alias= subteams= rank=168 pts=5 tb=30 ftime=12/10/23, 3:12:59 PM comment=
sfc: Storybook Forest Critters alias=sfc subteams= rank=169 pts=5 tb=32 ftime=12/10/23, 4:44:29 PM comment=
Say Cheez alias= subteams= rank=170 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/10/23, 4:48:50 PM comment=
Cookie monsters alias= subteams= rank=171 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/10/23, 5:48:31 PM comment=
Fish and the Monkeys alias= subteams= rank=172 pts=5 tb=34 ftime=12/10/23, 6:39:32 PM comment=
#mise alias= subteams= rank=173 pts=5 tb=36 ftime=12/10/23, 6:41:50 PM comment=
Princess Magic Rescue 2 alias= subteams= rank=174 pts=4 tb=35 ftime= comment=
Belmonsters alias= subteams= rank=175 pts=4 tb=35 ftime= comment=
Untitled-1.gfrm alias= subteams= rank=176 pts=4 tb=33 ftime= comment=
Puzzly and Wild alias= subteams= rank=177 pts=4 tb=32 ftime= comment=
Loppergam alias= subteams= rank=178 pts=3 tb=33 ftime= comment=
idk alias= subteams= rank=179 pts=3 tb=33 ftime= comment=
C4rnellian alias= subteams= rank=180 pts=3 tb=32 ftime= comment=
Team Conundrum alias= subteams= rank=181 pts=3 tb=32 ftime= comment=
gnat sus alias= subteams= rank=182 pts=3 tb=32 ftime= comment=
Animated Ammenate alias= subteams= rank=183 pts=3 tb=31 ftime= comment=
Mathemagicians Excitingly Reached Metas Although Incredibly Deprived-of-Sleep alias=The Mathemagicians subteams= rank=184 pts=3 tb=31 ftime= comment=
Pristine Metropolitans alias= subteams= rank=185 pts=3 tb=30 ftime= comment=
Evolt! alias= subteams= rank=186 pts=3 tb=28 ftime= comment=
Unstoppable Tactful Jogging Spaceman alias= subteams= rank=187 pts=3 tb=28 ftime= comment=
Good Things Come In 🎄🎄🎄 alias= subteams= rank=188 pts=3 tb=28 ftime= comment=
World's Delicacy Official Fan Club alias= subteams= rank=189 pts=3 tb=27 ftime= comment=
URLy Onset Stupidity alias= subteams= rank=190 pts=3 tb=27 ftime= comment=
Live Fast Die Young alias= subteams= rank=191 pts=3 tb=26 ftime= comment=
The Bois! alias= subteams= rank=192 pts=3 tb=26 ftime= comment=
kwargers alias= subteams= rank=193 pts=3 tb=25 ftime= comment=
Quark or Gluon alias= subteams= rank=194 pts=3 tb=23 ftime= comment=
Three Bean Soup alias= subteams= rank=195 pts=3 tb=23 ftime= comment=
Help, I'm stuck in a textbox! alias= subteams= rank=196 pts=2 tb=30 ftime= comment=
Fortune and Glory alias= subteams= rank=197 pts=2 tb=29 ftime= comment=
Spin My Hovercraft alias= subteams= rank=198 pts=2 tb=28 ftime= comment=
GameHaus alias= subteams= rank=199 pts=2 tb=28 ftime= comment=
Pennys alias= subteams= rank=200 pts=2 tb=27 ftime= comment=
We are going on a puzzle hunt alias= subteams= rank=201 pts=2 tb=27 ftime= comment=
The Huntsman alias= subteams= rank=202 pts=2 tb=26 ftime= comment=
geoffwee alias= subteams= rank=203 pts=2 tb=26 ftime= comment=
Ceci N’est Pas Une Harvard Team alias= subteams= rank=204 pts=2 tb=24 ftime= comment=
z0 alias= subteams= rank=205 pts=2 tb=24 ftime= comment=
One Drink Per Solve alias= subteams= rank=206 pts=2 tb=24 ftime= comment=
tsunami flowerpot alias= subteams= rank=207 pts=2 tb=24 ftime= comment=
choya alias= subteams= rank=208 pts=2 tb=24 ftime= comment=
Geese and the Hissed alias= subteams= rank=209 pts=2 tb=24 ftime= comment=
draMA TEller alias=teammate subteams= rank=210 pts=2 tb=23 ftime= comment=
Space Cadets alias= subteams= rank=211 pts=2 tb=23 ftime= comment=
Temporary Name Will Change Later alias= subteams= rank=212 pts=2 tb=22 ftime= comment=
Quarantine Decrypters - Wolf alias=Quarantine Decrypters subteams= rank=213 pts=2 tb=22 ftime= comment=
Dream of The Drop alias= subteams= rank=214 pts=2 tb=22 ftime= comment=
Acai alias= subteams= rank=215 pts=2 tb=21 ftime= comment=
john alias= subteams= rank=216 pts=2 tb=21 ftime= comment=
An Attempt Was Made alias= subteams= rank=217 pts=2 tb=21 ftime= comment=
The GT Buzzlers alias= subteams= rank=218 pts=2 tb=20 ftime= comment=
Merge with Serge alias= subteams= rank=219 pts=2 tb=20 ftime= comment=
! alias= subteams= rank=220 pts=2 tb=19 ftime= comment=
Sloopertroop alias= subteams= rank=221 pts=2 tb=19 ftime= comment=
yikes alias= subteams= rank=222 pts=2 tb=18 ftime= comment=
-------🥇金牌线🥇------- alias= subteams= rank=223 pts=2 tb=18 ftime= comment=
Please Clap alias= subteams= rank=224 pts=2 tb=17 ftime= comment=
Touring Quest alias= subteams= rank=225 pts=2 tb=17 ftime= comment=
Copioids alias= subteams= rank=226 pts=2 tb=17 ftime= comment=
幼稚园的小猫咪 alias= subteams= rank=227 pts=2 tb=17 ftime= comment=
Extreme Raid Puzzlers alias= subteams= rank=228 pts=2 tb=17 ftime= comment=
rootfuss alias= subteams= rank=229 pts=2 tb=15 ftime= comment=
コンビニ alias= subteams= rank=230 pts=2 tb=14 ftime= comment=
Tiny Books and Big Data alias= subteams= rank=231 pts=2 tb=14 ftime= comment=
wolog attempts to solo a hunt! alias= subteams= rank=232 pts=2 tb=14 ftime= comment=
Tweleve Pack alias= subteams= rank=233 pts=1 tb=22 ftime= comment=
Marsha's Speedwalking Group alias= subteams= rank=234 pts=1 tb=20 ftime= comment=
G14 and Chaos alias= subteams= rank=235 pts=1 tb=20 ftime= comment=
Ducks Upon a Soup alias= subteams= rank=236 pts=1 tb=20 ftime= comment=
Galaxy Truffle Hunters alias= subteams= rank=237 pts=1 tb=20 ftime= comment=
suika 🍉 alias= subteams= rank=238 pts=1 tb=19 ftime= comment=
The Intermittent Puzzlers alias= subteams= rank=239 pts=1 tb=19 ftime= comment=
The Natural 20s alias= subteams= rank=240 pts=1 tb=19 ftime= comment=
hidden, poorly internally labled 'fiat@' account alias= subteams= rank=241 pts=1 tb=19 ftime= comment=
grimM TEArs alias=teammate subteams= rank=242 pts=1 tb=19 ftime= comment=
BABA and GOAT solve HUNT alias= subteams= rank=243 pts=1 tb=18 ftime= comment=
nailbrush alias= subteams= rank=244 pts=1 tb=18 ftime= comment=
Perplexed Hunters alias= subteams= rank=245 pts=1 tb=18 ftime= comment=
Humboldt Honeys alias= subteams= rank=246 pts=1 tb=18 ftime= comment=
barf alias= subteams= rank=247 pts=1 tb=18 ftime= comment=
geronimo stilton: the hunt for the golden book alias= subteams= rank=248 pts=1 tb=17 ftime= comment=
Globe Otters alias= subteams= rank=249 pts=1 tb=17 ftime= comment=
Psyduck Confit alias= subteams= rank=250 pts=1 tb=17 ftime= comment=
Mukuro Ikusaba. The sixteenth student, lying hidden somewhere in this school. The one they call the alias= subteams= rank=251 pts=1 tb=16 ftime= comment=
Punny Dreadful alias= subteams= rank=252 pts=1 tb=16 ftime= comment=
NullPointerException alias= subteams= rank=253 pts=1 tb=16 ftime= comment=
Kombilösen alias= subteams= rank=254 pts=1 tb=16 ftime= comment=
bagel alias= subteams= rank=255 pts=1 tb=16 ftime= comment=
[ominous synth music] alias=(ominous synth music) subteams= rank=256 pts=1 tb=16 ftime= comment=
Jaws of the Leopard alias= subteams= rank=257 pts=1 tb=16 ftime= comment=
Hapax Legomenon alias= subteams= rank=258 pts=1 tb=15 ftime= comment=
PUZZLE GANG PUZZLE GANG alias= subteams= rank=259 pts=1 tb=15 ftime= comment=
some old maiden type of shoes alias= subteams= rank=260 pts=1 tb=15 ftime= comment=
Big Red alias= subteams= rank=261 pts=1 tb=15 ftime= comment=
Blood of Time (Cuz it's on the Clocktower) alias= subteams= rank=262 pts=1 tb=15 ftime= comment=
Laplces Angel alias= subteams= rank=263 pts=1 tb=15 ftime= comment=
Ridiculous Lizards alias= subteams= rank=264 pts=1 tb=15 ftime= comment=
team ycz alias= subteams= rank=265 pts=1 tb=14 ftime= comment=
The 25 Venters alias= subteams= rank=266 pts=1 tb=14 ftime= comment=
The Builders' Guild alias= subteams= rank=267 pts=1 tb=14 ftime= comment=
Aurune alias= subteams= rank=268 pts=1 tb=14 ftime= comment=
The Inedibles alias= subteams= rank=269 pts=1 tb=14 ftime= comment=
Cookie Cracker alias= subteams= rank=270 pts=1 tb=14 ftime= comment=
Meander alias= subteams= rank=271 pts=1 tb=14 ftime= comment=
Plains, Lotus, Lurrus, Lotus, Seasoned Dungeoneer, Your go alias= subteams= rank=272 pts=1 tb=13 ftime= comment=
Ω-V Parliament alias= subteams= rank=273 pts=1 tb=13 ftime= comment=
喵散旅难MUS alias= subteams= rank=274 pts=1 tb=13 ftime= comment=
Lobsters of Death alias= subteams= rank=275 pts=1 tb=12 ftime= comment=
My Cat's Name Is Sherlock alias= subteams= rank=276 pts=1 tb=12 ftime= comment=
shipit-parrot.gif alias= subteams= rank=277 pts=1 tb=12 ftime= comment=
Kinship Of Evil Queers alias= subteams= rank=278 pts=1 tb=12 ftime= comment=
Lord Kinbote alias= subteams= rank=279 pts=1 tb=11 ftime= comment=
lustindjinn alias= subteams= rank=280 pts=1 tb=11 ftime= comment=
Applied Primate Sentinels alias= subteams= rank=281 pts=1 tb=11 ftime= comment=
meowmeow alias= subteams= rank=282 pts=1 tb=11 ftime= comment=
Tactical Yutnori alias= subteams= rank=283 pts=1 tb=11 ftime= comment=
The Dragon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! alias= subteams= rank=284 pts=1 tb=11 ftime= comment=
Cute Mage's Tower alias= subteams= rank=285 pts=1 tb=10 ftime= comment=
BNC alias= subteams= rank=286 pts=1 tb=10 ftime= comment=
WatchMeJumpstart alias= subteams= rank=287 pts=1 tb=10 ftime= comment=
Ready to Fail alias= subteams= rank=288 pts=1 tb=10 ftime= comment=
yordles alias= subteams= rank=289 pts=1 tb=10 ftime= comment=
honkerino poggerino alias= subteams= rank=290 pts=1 tb=10 ftime= comment=
Persistent Puzzlers Plus Plus alias= subteams= rank=291 pts=1 tb=10 ftime= comment=
the novel bee alias= subteams= rank=292 pts=1 tb=10 ftime= comment=
pengubin alias= subteams= rank=293 pts=1 tb=10 ftime= comment=
Roger alias= subteams= rank=294 pts=1 tb=10 ftime= comment=
Dora's Dutch Backpack alias= subteams= rank=295 pts=1 tb=9 ftime= comment=
ล่าปริศนา alias= subteams= rank=296 pts=1 tb=9 ftime= comment=
Give us a klewi alias= subteams= rank=297 pts=1 tb=9 ftime= comment=
NewDeeTeam alias= subteams= rank=298 pts=1 tb=9 ftime= comment=
madness alias= subteams= rank=299 pts=1 tb=9 ftime= comment=
Something's Fishy alias= subteams= rank=300 pts=1 tb=9 ftime= comment=
Wibble alias= subteams= rank=301 pts=1 tb=9 ftime= comment=
Sennin alias= subteams= rank=302 pts=1 tb=9 ftime= comment=
b alias= subteams= rank=303 pts=1 tb=8 ftime= comment=
Low Battery alias= subteams= rank=304 pts=1 tb=8 ftime= comment=
the hive alias= subteams= rank=305 pts=1 tb=8 ftime= comment=
huntsman upon a timeshare ceiling alias= subteams= rank=306 pts=1 tb=8 ftime= comment=
The Lexingtons alias= subteams= rank=307 pts=1 tb=8 ftime= comment=
Chicken Nugget alias= subteams= rank=308 pts=1 tb=8 ftime= comment=
Tutte alias= subteams= rank=309 pts=1 tb=8 ftime= comment=
The Riddlers alias= subteams= rank=310 pts=1 tb=8 ftime= comment=
ManateeM alias= subteams= rank=311 pts=1 tb=8 ftime= comment=
thelucky🦆🦆🦆 alias= subteams= rank=312 pts=1 tb=8 ftime= comment=
Fantastic Four alias= subteams= rank=313 pts=1 tb=8 ftime= comment=
onomatopoeiae alias= subteams= rank=314 pts=1 tb=8 ftime= comment=
Autocorrekt alias= subteams= rank=315 pts=1 tb=8 ftime= comment=
Maxwell's Solver Hunters alias= subteams= rank=316 pts=1 tb=8 ftime= comment=
Wright Anything Agency alias= subteams= rank=317 pts=1 tb=8 ftime= comment=
Ruebli zum Znuuni alias= subteams= rank=318 pts=1 tb=8 ftime= comment=
Oh nice, Cardinality expertly uncorks puzzles, oughta number about thirty-ish. Mathemagicians eager! alias=The Mathemagicians subteams= rank=319 pts=1 tb=8 ftime= comment=
ABIMABTBIB alias= subteams= rank=320 pts=1 tb=7 ftime= comment=
dank dongers -1: what is the point of it all alias= subteams= rank=321 pts=1 tb=7 ftime= comment=
Cult of Idiotic Avians alias= subteams= rank=322 pts=1 tb=7 ftime= comment=
Pathology alias= subteams= rank=323 pts=1 tb=7 ftime= comment=
Ult0r alias= subteams= rank=324 pts=1 tb=7 ftime= comment=
Casuals alias= subteams= rank=325 pts=1 tb=7 ftime= comment=
caffiends alias= subteams= rank=326 pts=1 tb=7 ftime= comment=
Flossers Branch alias= subteams= rank=327 pts=1 tb=7 ftime= comment=
GoblinKneePuzzlers alias= subteams= rank=328 pts=1 tb=7 ftime= comment=
TripleM alias= subteams= rank=329 pts=1 tb=7 ftime= comment=
sticky mittens alias= subteams= rank=330 pts=1 tb=7 ftime= comment=
Puzzle Bros alias= subteams= rank=331 pts=1 tb=7 ftime= comment=
NoSolves alias= subteams= rank=332 pts=1 tb=7 ftime= comment=
Have You Tried Actually Doing Your Research Work Instead of Hunting All Week? alias=Have you tried subteams= rank=333 pts=1 tb=6 ftime= comment=
Aurora borealis? @🕰️📅? @⌚🗓️? ⬇️📍🌎? Localized entirely within your fairy tale? alias= subteams= rank=334 pts=1 tb=6 ftime= comment=
🐱 alias= subteams= rank=335 pts=1 tb=6 ftime= comment=
ForeverAlone alias= subteams= rank=336 pts=1 tb=6 ftime= comment=
P Squad alias= subteams= rank=337 pts=1 tb=6 ftime= comment=
Mala Xiangguo alias= subteams= rank=338 pts=1 tb=6 ftime= comment=
Order of Magnitude alias= subteams= rank=339 pts=1 tb=6 ftime= comment=
2 Stumped 2 Furious alias= subteams= rank=340 pts=1 tb=6 ftime= comment=
PastaPot alias= subteams= rank=341 pts=1 tb=6 ftime= comment=
Gravity Plus Velocity alias= subteams= rank=342 pts=1 tb=6 ftime= comment=
balls alias= subteams= rank=343 pts=1 tb=6 ftime= comment=
five ever alias= subteams= rank=344 pts=1 tb=6 ftime= comment=
Gaulzilla alias= subteams= rank=345 pts=1 tb=6 ftime= comment=
skye_and_annie alias= subteams= rank=346 pts=1 tb=5 ftime= comment=
misaka mine alias= subteams= rank=347 pts=1 tb=5 ftime= comment=
manatee alias= subteams= rank=348 pts=1 tb=5 ftime= comment=
🔥 Firelab 🧪 alias= subteams= rank=349 pts=1 tb=5 ftime= comment=
simps alias= subteams= rank=350 pts=1 tb=5 ftime= comment=
Classless Chaps alias= subteams= rank=351 pts=1 tb=5 ftime= comment=
Killer Choc alias= subteams= rank=352 pts=1 tb=5 ftime= comment=
Haus alias= subteams= rank=353 pts=1 tb=5 ftime= comment=
cqyy alias= subteams= rank=354 pts=1 tb=5 ftime= comment=
Alone and Afraid alias= subteams= rank=355 pts=1 tb=5 ftime= comment=
qwerty alias= subteams= rank=356 pts=1 tb=5 ftime= comment=
ZeebersTTV alias= subteams= rank=357 pts=0 tb=5 ftime= comment=
F alias= subteams= rank=358 pts=0 tb=5 ftime= comment=
bed umber alias= subteams= rank=359 pts=0 tb=5 ftime= comment=
fresh alias= subteams= rank=360 pts=0 tb=5 ftime= comment=
Jejunum alias= subteams= rank=361 pts=0 tb=4 ftime= comment=
Hunt alias= subteams= rank=362 pts=0 tb=4 ftime= comment=
Puzzlebrains alias= subteams= rank=363 pts=0 tb=4 ftime= comment=
Mavericks alias= subteams= rank=364 pts=0 tb=4 ftime= comment=
The Owl Theory alias= subteams= rank=365 pts=0 tb=4 ftime= comment=
稠环芳烃 alias= subteams= rank=366 pts=0 tb=4 ftime= comment=
The Ptrocanfers alias= subteams= rank=367 pts=0 tb=4 ftime= comment=
Nyajimeli alias= subteams= rank=368 pts=0 tb=4 ftime= comment=
Psyho alias= subteams= rank=369 pts=0 tb=4 ftime= comment=
morgan alias= subteams= rank=370 pts=0 tb=4 ftime= comment=
Conjurers alias= subteams= rank=371 pts=0 tb=4 ftime= comment=
[{{fullurl:>>RAWR<<|action=edit&preload=Wiki:Page_Structure/Teams}} >>RAWR<<] alias= subteams= rank=372 pts=0 tb=4 ftime= comment=
Beeter Disrupted The Internet :( alias= subteams= rank=373 pts=0 tb=4 ftime= comment=
NSOS alias= subteams= rank=374 pts=0 tb=3 ftime= comment=
shrimps alias= subteams= rank=375 pts=0 tb=3 ftime= comment=
Father & Son, PhD alias= subteams= rank=376 pts=0 tb=3 ftime= comment=
donk alias= subteams= rank=377 pts=0 tb=3 ftime= comment=
Team_202 alias= subteams= rank=378 pts=0 tb=3 ftime= comment=
The Martinis alias= subteams= rank=379 pts=0 tb=3 ftime= comment=
DeathAndMayhemPDX alias= subteams= rank=380 pts=0 tb=3 ftime= comment=
Solonoko alias= subteams= rank=381 pts=0 tb=3 ftime= comment=
wait ah alias= subteams= rank=382 pts=0 tb=3 ftime= comment=
Team means Tea Time! alias= subteams= rank=383 pts=0 tb=3 ftime= comment=
Just Ritz alias= subteams= rank=384 pts=0 tb=3 ftime= comment=
NOLITE EPULUM PERMITTERE alias= subteams= rank=385 pts=0 tb=2 ftime= comment=
Turn 9 alias= subteams= rank=386 pts=0 tb=2 ftime= comment=
被骗入坑 alias= subteams= rank=387 pts=0 tb=2 ftime= comment=
SoloRaven alias= subteams= rank=388 pts=0 tb=2 ftime= comment=
Riddler's Cult alias= subteams= rank=389 pts=0 tb=2 ftime= comment=
Megg & Mike! alias= subteams= rank=390 pts=0 tb=2 ftime= comment=
there's a puzzlehunt this weekend?? alias= subteams= rank=391 pts=0 tb=2 ftime= comment=
SPecial oPS alias= subteams= rank=392 pts=0 tb=2 ftime= comment=
IM PATRICK alias= subteams= rank=393 pts=0 tb=2 ftime= comment=
WeSuckAtMakingTeamNames alias= subteams= rank=394 pts=0 tb=2 ftime= comment=
notaplanet alias= subteams= rank=395 pts=0 tb=2 ftime= comment=
Totally Insane Neurons alias= subteams= rank=396 pts=0 tb=1 ftime= comment=
Five Minutes Faster alias= subteams= rank=397 pts=0 tb=1 ftime= comment=
Musical Cat alias= subteams= rank=398 pts=0 tb=1 ftime= comment=
打牌真好玩 alias= subteams= rank=399 pts=0 tb=1 ftime= comment=
Person-at-Legs alias= subteams= rank=400 pts=0 tb=1 ftime= comment=
ShiroSolvingHuntinalityInsteadOfPlayingTeviOrRabiRibi alias= subteams= rank=401 pts=0 tb=1 ftime= comment=
Pluru 2: yeah sure alias=Pluru subteams= rank=402 pts=0 tb=1 ftime= comment=
gmz alias= subteams= rank=403 pts=0 tb=1 ftime= comment=
Pinniped Party alias= subteams= rank=404 pts=0 tb=1 ftime= comment=
The Funky Town Monkey Pimps alias= subteams= rank=405 pts=0 tb=1 ftime= comment=
TooKlyKly alias= subteams= rank=406 pts=0 tb=1 ftime= comment=
Puzzle Pasta 🧩🍝 alias= subteams= rank=407 pts=0 tb=1 ftime= comment=
JXCLER alias= subteams= rank=408 pts=0 tb=1 ftime= comment=
FireWood alias= subteams= rank=409 pts=0 tb=1 ftime= comment=
nevermore alias= subteams= rank=410 pts=0 tb=1 ftime= comment=
Highschoolers+ alias= subteams= rank=411 pts=0 tb=1 ftime= comment=