Data:MIT Mystery Hunt 2017

This data page is for the hunt MIT Mystery Hunt 2017, which was run on 2017-01-13 and is part of the MIT Mystery Hunt franchise.
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Setec Astronomy alias= subteams= rank=-1 pts= tb= ftime= comment=
Death and Mayhem alias= subteams= rank=1 pts=170 tb= ftime=1/14/2017 4:00 AM comment=
Too Long No Loot alias=Palindrome subteams= rank=2 pts=170 tb= ftime=1/14/2017 5:30 AM comment=
Team Left Out alias=Left Out subteams= rank=3 pts=170 tb= ftime=1/14/2017 9:30 AM comment=
✈✈✈ Galactic Trendsetters ✈✈✈ alias= subteams= rank=4 pts=159 tb= ftime=1/14/2017 2:20 PM comment=
We've Made a Huge Mistake alias=Alice Shrugged subteams= rank=5 pts=170 tb= ftime=1/14/2017 3:10 PM comment=
Codex Grolier alias=Codex subteams= rank=6 pts=165 tb= ftime=1/14/2017 3:30 PM comment=
Metaphysical Plant alias= subteams= rank=7 pts=152 tb= ftime=1/14/2017 7:30 PM comment=
Hunches in Bunches alias= subteams= rank=8 pts=155 tb= ftime=1/14/2017 8:00 PM comment=
The Rage of Aquarius alias=Rage subteams= rank=9 pts=161 tb= ftime=1/14/2017 9:30 PM comment=
Super Team Awesome alias= subteams= rank=10 pts=152 tb= ftime=1/14/2017 11:20 PM comment=
Up Late alias= subteams= rank=11 pts=159 tb= ftime=1/14/2017 11:40 PM comment=
Central Services alias= subteams= rank=12 pts=154 tb= ftime=1/15/2017 12:50 AM comment=
Immoral, Illegal & Fattening alias=Immoral, Illegal & Fattening subteams= rank=13 pts=150 tb= ftime=1/15/2017 1:10 AM comment=
Frumious Bandersnatch alias= subteams= rank=14 pts=162 tb= ftime=1/15/2017 2:30 AM comment=
The Providence Transplantations alias= subteams= rank=15 pts=153 tb= ftime=1/15/2017 10:00 AM comment=
Wafflehaüs alias= subteams= rank=16 pts=154 tb= ftime=1/15/2017 3:00 PM comment=
Left as an Exercise for the Reader alias= subteams= rank=17 pts=156 tb= ftime=1/15/2017 6:00 PM comment=
Test Solution Please Ignore alias= subteams= rank=18 pts=140 tb= ftime= comment=
Team Unseen alias= subteams= rank=19 pts=122 tb= ftime= comment=
Random Hunt Taxonomy alias=Random subteams= rank=20 pts=104 tb= ftime= comment=
ET Phone in Answer alias= subteams= rank=21 pts=100 tb= ftime= comment=
Control Group alias= subteams= rank=22 pts=98 tb= ftime= comment=
Om Nom Nom Nom alias= subteams= rank=23 pts=95 tb= ftime= comment=
Occam's Depilatory Gel alias= subteams= rank=24 pts=90 tb= ftime= comment=
Ladder Dogs alias= subteams= rank=25 pts=85 tb= ftime= comment=
Duck Soup alias= subteams= rank=26 pts=81 tb= ftime= comment=
Donner Party of N alias= subteams= rank=27 pts=70 tb= ftime= comment=
PMPP alias= subteams= rank=28 pts=67 tb= ftime= comment=
Libra Complexity alias= subteams= rank=29 pts=66 tb= ftime= comment=
Aviation Laws alias= subteams= rank=30 pts=64 tb= ftime= comment=