Data:MIT Mystery Hunt 2019

This data page is for the hunt MIT Mystery Hunt 2019, which was run on 2019-01-18 and is part of the MIT Mystery Hunt franchise.
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Setec Astronomy alias= subteams= rank=-1 pts= tb= ftime= comment=
Team Left Out alias=Left Out subteams= rank=1 pts=181 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 16:25:51 comment=
Palindrome alias= subteams= rank=2 pts=176 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 17:24:44 comment=
Death and Mayhem alias= subteams= rank=3 pts=169 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 17:47:28 comment=
teammate alias= subteams= rank=4 pts=158 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 17:41:53 comment=
✈✈✈ Galactic Trendsetters ✈✈✈ alias= subteams= rank=5 pts=157 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 17:39:23 comment=
The Team Formerly Known as the Team to Be Named Later alias=Team to Be Named Later subteams= rank=6 pts=148 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 17:40:21 comment=
Test Solution Bees Ignore alias= subteams= rank=7 pts=144 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 17:14:49 comment=
CODEX VOYNICH alias=Codex subteams= rank=8 pts=144 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 17:40:29 comment=
Dick-Pointing Teapots alias=Alice Shrugged subteams= rank=9 pts=142 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 17:39:40 comment=
Hunches in Bunches alias= subteams= rank=10 pts=138 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 17:40:13 comment=
Exit, Rage Left (Pursued by a Bear) alias=Rage subteams= rank=11 pts=135 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 17:51:04 comment=
Super Team Awesome alias= subteams= rank=12 pts=131 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 17:37:58 comment=
Metaphysical Plant alias= subteams= rank=13 pts=127 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 17:29:32 comment=
Up Late alias= subteams= rank=14 pts=120 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 17:29:51 comment=
Central Services alias= subteams= rank=15 pts=117 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 17:41:23 comment=
The Providence Transplantations alias= subteams= rank=16 pts=114 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 17:44:39 comment=
Wafflehaüs alias= subteams= rank=17 pts=112 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 17:49:57 comment=
Frumious Bandersnatch alias= subteams= rank=18 pts=106 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 17:47:33 comment=
Molasses Slalom alias=Ange Management subteams= rank=19 pts=102 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 16:16:48 comment=
Immoral, Illegal, and Fattening alias=Immoral, Illegal & Fattening subteams= rank=20 pts=94 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 17:17:58 comment=
Left as an Exercise for the Reader alias= subteams= rank=21 pts=91 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 17:19:27 comment=
Team Unseen alias= subteams= rank=22 pts=84 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 17:34:52 comment=
Small Llama Malls alias= subteams= rank=23 pts=72 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 17:15:35 comment=
Control Group alias= subteams= rank=24 pts=64 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 16:16:32 comment=
Amateur Hour alias= subteams= rank=25 pts=63 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 17:16:06 comment=
Om Nom Nom Nom alias= subteams= rank=26 pts=62 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 17:04:13 comment=
Duck Soup alias= subteams= rank=27 pts=62 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 17:49:02 comment=
ET Phone In Answer alias= subteams= rank=28 pts=60 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 16:44:42 comment=
The Lexingtons alias= subteams= rank=29 pts=59 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 17:10:48 comment=
🐉🍰🎩 alias=3emoji subteams= rank=30 pts=58 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 17:37:40 comment=
Ladder Dogs alias= subteams= rank=31 pts=55 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 17:15:45 comment=
alias= subteams= rank=32 pts=53 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 16:21:49 comment=
Reptilian Hacker Team alias= subteams= rank=33 pts=52 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 17:05:43 comment=
SG alias= subteams= rank=34 pts=51 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 17:06:41 comment=
Occam's Depilatory Gel alias= subteams= rank=35 pts=50 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 16:19:34 comment=
Plane Tickets are Expensive alias= subteams= rank=36 pts=46 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 16:14:41 comment=
Puzzkill alias= subteams= rank=37 pts=44 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 15:58:16 comment=
Donner Party of N alias= subteams= rank=38 pts=43 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 17:49:51 comment=
Grand Unified Theory of Love alias= subteams= rank=39 pts=42 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 16:16:16 comment=
Nope alias= subteams= rank=40 pts=41 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 15:41:42 comment=
Singles Ready to Stay Inside alias= subteams= rank=41 pts=41 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 17:14:20 comment=
Relatively Theoretical Constructs alias= subteams= rank=42 pts=40 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 17:14:57 comment=
Off In The Lab alias= subteams= rank=43 pts=38 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 17:24:10 comment=
Jane Doe alias= subteams= rank=44 pts=37 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 17:10:30 comment=
N3XT alias=NES subteams= rank=45 pts=35 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 16:07:50 comment=
Math Campers Solving Puzzles alias=Mathcamp subteams= rank=46 pts=34 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 15:32:39 comment=
I'm not a planet either alias= subteams= rank=47 pts=32 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 16:42:23 comment=
The Puzzledome alias= subteams= rank=48 pts=31 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 17:20:35 comment=
Sleipnir's Wranglers alias= subteams= rank=49 pts=27 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 17:51:37 comment=
Black Dynamite alias= subteams= rank=50 pts=25 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 17:23:29 comment=
Eat My Shortz alias= subteams= rank=51 pts=23 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 14:40:20 comment=
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together alias= subteams= rank=52 pts=23 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 17:23:28 comment=
ManateeM alias= subteams= rank=53 pts=22 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 15:58:20 comment=
2MysterE alias= subteams= rank=54 pts=21 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 17:01:06 comment=
🅱️etey Squad '23 alias= subteams= rank=55 pts=20 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 14:44:53 comment=
BAH Interlopers alias= subteams= rank=56 pts=19 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 16:02:35 comment=
Raucous Raucous Rhinos alias= subteams= rank=57 pts=19 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 16:32:01 comment=
TWTW alias= subteams= rank=58 pts=18 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 15:07:34 comment=
Vaguely Eloquent Team alias= subteams= rank=59 pts=17 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 3:32:07 comment=
MIT University Band alias= subteams= rank=60 pts=16 tb= ftime=1/19/2019 23:13:42 comment=
Resistance to Nail Polish alias= subteams= rank=61 pts=16 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 16:05:36 comment=
SW:TNG - Return to Hogwarts alias= subteams= rank=62 pts=15 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 13:47:24 comment=
The Party Wizards alias= subteams= rank=63 pts=13 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 2:56:26 comment=
The Puzzle Pizza Proxy Praxis alias= subteams= rank=64 pts=11 tb= ftime=1/19/2019 23:50:46 comment=
Fishterious Mysterfishies alias= subteams= rank=65 pts=11 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 12:53:47 comment=
WPI Puzzle Club alias= subteams= rank=66 pts=11 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 17:01:31 comment=
Mind the Gap alias= subteams= rank=67 pts=10 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 2:46:04 comment=
We Tried And Therefore Nobody Can Criticize (Except The Winners) alias= subteams= rank=68 pts=10 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 14:02:02 comment=
Corvus Ailurus Mus alias= subteams= rank=69 pts=9 tb= ftime=1/19/2019 15:19:06 comment=
Furious Acorns alias= subteams= rank=70 pts=9 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 13:31:54 comment=
Unclear Engineers alias= subteams= rank=71 pts=9 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 16:32:31 comment=
Please Knock alias= subteams= rank=72 pts=8 tb= ftime=1/19/2019 15:22:34 comment=
Mysterious Fellowship alias= subteams= rank=73 pts=8 tb= ftime=1/19/2019 23:47:22 comment=
Team Plaid Thong alias= subteams= rank=74 pts=8 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 1:24:05 comment=
Slack Motherfuckers alias= subteams= rank=75 pts=8 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 16:25:07 comment=
#SorryMom++ alias=SorryMom subteams= rank=76 pts=7 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 16:48:47 comment=
Conduction Band alias= subteams= rank=77 pts=6 tb= ftime=1/19/2019 19:39:47 comment=
Big Game Hunters alias= subteams= rank=78 pts=6 tb= ftime=1/19/2019 21:16:29 comment=
Victorious Secrets alias= subteams= rank=79 pts=6 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 10:48:52 comment=
Palmford alias= subteams= rank=80 pts=6 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 15:16:55 comment=
Sloan Solvers alias= subteams= rank=81 pts=5 tb= ftime=1/19/2019 17:50:04 comment=
Area 51 alias= subteams= rank=82 pts=5 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 0:49:46 comment=
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ alias= subteams= rank=83 pts=5 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 3:30:28 comment=
Chicken & ROFLs alias= subteams= rank=84 pts=5 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 4:03:09 comment=
The Fermat Fevers alias= subteams= rank=85 pts=5 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 4:08:41 comment=
Astro Plus alias= subteams= rank=86 pts=5 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 14:53:01 comment=
Quiz Quiztofferson alias= subteams= rank=87 pts=4 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 16:59:16 comment=
Feral Hedgehogs alias= subteams= rank=88 pts=3 tb= ftime=1/19/2019 20:10:21 comment=
The White Lotus alias= subteams= rank=89 pts=2 tb= ftime=1/18/2019 20:57:56 comment=
neuromology alias= subteams= rank=90 pts=2 tb= ftime=1/18/2019 23:10:41 comment=
Green Blazers alias= subteams= rank=91 pts=2 tb= ftime=1/19/2019 2:12:45 comment=
Mathletes alias= subteams= rank=92 pts=2 tb= ftime=1/19/2019 13:15:16 comment=
The Flower Garden alias= subteams= rank=93 pts=2 tb= ftime=1/19/2019 15:06:21 comment=
The Turquoise Turbochooks alias= subteams= rank=94 pts=2 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 7:00:01 comment=
2 MINUTES FIGHTERS alias= subteams= rank=95 pts=2 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 15:46:46 comment=
Dalton alias= subteams= rank=96 pts=1 tb= ftime=1/18/2019 14:00:09 comment=
Doot Doot alias= subteams= rank=97 pts=1 tb= ftime=1/18/2019 16:45:19 comment=
Fake Gnus alias= subteams= rank=98 pts=1 tb= ftime=1/18/2019 17:53:36 comment=
UnCLeAr alias= subteams= rank=99 pts=1 tb= ftime=1/19/2019 2:14:36 comment=
We Call Last Place alias= subteams= rank=100 pts=1 tb= ftime=1/19/2019 13:50:03 comment=
Boston Bruins alias= subteams= rank=101 pts=1 tb= ftime=1/19/2019 19:03:47 comment=
LexHunt alias= subteams= rank=102 pts=1 tb= ftime=1/19/2019 21:22:02 comment=
Furloughed Hunters alias= subteams= rank=103 pts=1 tb= ftime=1/19/2019 21:27:08 comment=
WWE alias= subteams= rank=104 pts=1 tb= ftime=1/19/2019 21:39:56 comment=
Stooth Moves alias= subteams= rank=105 pts=1 tb= ftime=1/20/2019 10:29:12 comment=